IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things 2023 – 7th Edition

December 10-12, 2023

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2023 GCAIoT

2023 IEEE GCAIoT will continue the success of its predecessors. This year’s program will include paper presentations, poster sessions and project demonstrations, along with prominent keynote speakers and industrial and government-focused panel discussions, discussing the conference theme (AI and IoT Technologies towards a Sustainable Future) from the three perspectives: academic, governmental, and industrial.

2023 IEEE GCAIoT is sponsored by the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) & University of Dubai

After extensive peer review, the best of the proposals will be selected for the conference program, which will include technical paper sessions designed specifically to advance AI & IoT technologies, systems, and infrastructure that are continuing to reshape the world and make our cities smarter and more sustainable. This event will include several keynote speeches by distinguished speakers from industrial, academic and government domains. It will also hold panel discussions, forums, technical sessions featuring papers that were extensively peer-reviewed focusing on the latest trends in various AI & IoT related technologies delivered by experts in the respective disciplines, exhibits, and, finally, a relaxing and entertaining banquet.

Our Vision

The terminology “Internet of Things” creates a vision of a world where everything is connected, from people to machines to entire enterprises and plants. It is all for the greater good of improving people’s lives, and making the planet a more convenient place to live in. What about connecting it with Artificial Intelligence? This would take digital transformation to new levels.

The Global Conference on AI & IoT is intended to help our brilliant participants, researchers and professionals to share experiences and discuss up-to-the minute information and technological facts. The conference brings the latest research relevant to the new technologies, including a wide-ranged program of presentations, project showcasing and outstanding innovations that serve the community and help it move to digital transformation.

Why you should attend?

Bridging the Gap between Research and Implementation

In the 2023 IEEE GCAIoT, you will be able to meet with people from a wide range of backgrounds, who you may not encounter at your workplace or institution. This is a perfect place for meeting with people in your field with whom you haven’t made contact in a while.

Expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems

You will have the opportunity to talk to individuals such as technical managers and researchers, or entities like startups and universities. They may even give you advice on how to enhance your own work.

Present your ideas

One more compelling reason to attend IEEE GCAIoT 2023 is for you to present your work. It’s a good chance to practice presenting what you do before diverse people from similar, related, and/or completely different areas of study.
Presenting will increase your confidence in the work you do, and will give you a new perspective on your work. People may ask questions that will allow you to see your project from a different angle. You will also get the opportunity to receive feedback on your work from people who are seeing it for the first time, which can be quite insightful.

Join us for a distinguished experience of 2023 IEEE GCAIoT, for two full days of technical paper presentations, keynote speeches, and panel discussions. This is all designed to further career opportunities, and give an in-depth understanding of the latest technology advancements worldwide. IEEE GCAIoT paves and implements a perfect environment to merge between the power of technology and its correct application to help build an intelligent, resilient, sustainable, and united global network among businesses, academia, and industry.

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