Project Management – Masters

The evolution of project management

D. I. Cleland


An Alternative Taxonomy of Project Management Structures: LinkingProject Management Structures and Project Success

Thomas G. LechlerDov Dvir


Language as a Resource in Project Management: A Case Study and a Conceptual Framework

Nuno A. Gil


Forensic Project Management: An Exploratory Examination of the Causal Behavior of Design-Induced Rework

Peter E. D. LoveDavid J. EdwardsZahir Irani


From theory to practice: toward a typology of project-management styles

A. J. Shenhar


A Decision Support Model for Project Manager Assignments

Peerasit PatanakulDragan Z. MilosevicTimothy R. Anderson


Towards the standardization of performance measures for project scheduling heuristics

A. B. Badiru


Research project cost distributions and budget forecasting

Burton V. DeanSamuel J. MantelLewis A. Roepcke


Building high performing engineering project teams

Hans J. ThamhainDavid L. Wilemon


R&D project termination decisions by discriminant analysis-an international comparison

K. Brockhoff


A comparison of R&D project termination factors in four industrial nations

R. Balachandra



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