TEMS Publications

The IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society oversees its publication activities through the Publication Committee, led by the Vice President of Publication. At present, TEMS presents three publications, all available in electronic format without charge for all TEMS members:

Leadership BRIEFS      

(Editor-in-Chief: Sabine Baumann)

IEEE Engineering Management Review

(Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Brem)

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

(Editor-in-Chief: Tugrul Daim)

The Publication Committee, a dedicated group responsible for guiding TEMS's publishing endeavors, includes members with diverse affiliations:

Tariq Samad

Chair, Vice President of Publication

University of Minnesota, U.S.A.

Noorlizawati Abd Rahim

University of Technology Malaysia

April Bai

University of Electronic Science and Technology, China

Marina Dabić

University of Zagreb, Croatia (Ex Officio, IEEE Press Liaison)

Dilip Kotak


Robert Bierwolf

Research Associate, with MinBzk and CeTIM

Sabine Baumann

Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany (Ex Officio, Editor-in-Chief, Leadership Briefs)

Alexander Brem

University of Stuttgart, Germany (Ex Officio, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Engineering Management Review)

Tugrul Daim

Portland State University, U.S.A. (Ex Officio, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management)

Gus Gaynor

U.S.A. (Ex Officio, Past Vice President, Publications)

Jason Choi

University of Liverpool Management School

These committed individuals contribute significantly to the success of TEMS’s publications, ensuring a robust and diverse offering for our members and the broader community. 

The Publication Committee is also responsible for various publication-related activities for TEMS, including:

  • co-sponsorships with other societies and journals; 
  • collaborations with other TEMS departments, especially Conference Activities, Education Activities, and Technical Activities;
  • promotion of TEMS publications through social media; 
  • preparation for the quinquennial IEEE PRAC review; and 
  • the maintenance of a Publications Operations Manual documenting guidelines and procedures.

For any comments or suggestions regarding TEMS Publication Activities, please feel free to reach out to Tariq Samad at

Submit Your Conference Paper to TEMS Publications!

Fast-track your research with TEMS Publications

IEEE TEMS encourages authors of accepted conference papers to submit versions of their work to TEMS publications for expedited review.

Leadership BRIEFS

For short summaries

Engineering Management Review

For practice-oriented articles

Transactions on Engineering Management

For full research papers

Note that IEEE requires that submissions to archival journals (such as EMR and TEM) must have significant differences from versions published in conference proceedings.

Please contact the respective publications’ editors-in-chief with any questions or for further guidance.

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