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Call for Papers: TEMSCON 2024

Technology and Engineering Management Society Conference
Panama City, Panama

Technology and Engineering Management for Sustainable Societies

We are pleased to announce the 2024 edition of the IEEE Technology and Engineering
Management Society Conference – TEMSCON LATAM, organized by the IEEE Technology and
Engineering Management Society, IEEE TEMS Panama Chapter, and IEEE Panama Section. IEEE
TEMSCON LATAM offers a unique opportunity for academics, practitioners, researchers, and
industrialists to present their developments and technological advances in person during the month
of July 2024 in Panama City, Panama.

Both IEEE members and non-members are invited to participate in the call for publications, covering
theoretical and practical topics in areas such as:

#TrackTrack Topics
1Energy Technology TrendsTechnologies for renewable energy generation
Policy for renewables energies
New Energy Markets
Smart Grids
Clean Energy
Energy Resilience
Facility Resilience
Other Energy Trends
2Disruptive Technologies TrendsArtificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Human-Machine Interface
Data Security
Other technologies
3Innovation, Entrepreneurship & VentureTechnology Entrepreneurship
Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
New Markets for Entrepreneurs
Venture Capital Investment
New business Models
Technology for Entrepreneurship
Open Innovation
Circular Economy
4Operations ManagementEngineering & Operations management
Manufacturing Operations
Supply Chain Resilience
Manufacturing Flexibility
5People and OrganizationsEngineering and Technology Skills for People and Organizations
Technologies for Upskilling and Reskilling
Education and Training
Engineering Leadership
Happiness Management
6Program & Project ManagementProgram & Project Management
Change Management for Engineering Projects
7Smart CitiesTechnologies for Sustainability
Smart Infrastructure
Smart Transport
8Social Implications of TechnologyEthics in Technology and Engineering
Transition Social
Sustainable Development
9Tech Management & TransferTechnology Transfer
Technology and Innovation Management
Technology Policy Development and Assessment

We look forward to receiving a wide variety of high-quality contributions from around the world, and we
are excited to present this opportunity to foster technological development in our LATAM and the world.
We look forward to your participation in IEEE TEMSCON LATAM 2024!

Paper Submission
Submit your best work to IEEE TEMSCON LATAM 2024 and share your technological advances with the
community! To participate, send your paper in digital format (PDF) through the submission portal, in
English, and IEEE conference format. Remember that the maximum length is six (6) pages, including
illustrations and references. In addition, each article must be original and be correctly labeled with its
subject area. The papers accepted and presented at the conference could be included in the IEEE
Xplore Digital Library.

Our review committee will ensure that each article submitted is rigorously reviewed through a
double-blind process.
Authors must submit their work without including information that would reveal their identity. If your paper
is accepted, at least one of the authors must register and present their paper during the conference.
Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out as a leader in your field and share your knowledge and progress
with others – download our IEEE templates in Microsoft Word or Overleaf and submit your paper today!

Important Dates:
Paper Submission deadline: Apr 15th, 2024
Notification: May 15th, 2024
Final Version Submission: June 15th, 2024
Conference: July 18th – 19th, 2024


Technical Program Committee:
For more information, you can contact:
Technical Program Chair:
César Viloria-Núñez, Universidad del Norte (Colombia):
Technical Program Co Chair:
Nélida Gómez, Wisy (Panamá):
Energy Technology Trends Track Chairs:
Jovanio Santos, Thymos Energia (Brazil):
Ingrid Oliveros, Universidad del Norte (Colombia):
Disruptive Technologies Trends Track Chairs:
Eldon Caldwell, Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica):
Andrés Navarro, Universidad Icesi (Colombia):
Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Track Chairs:
Chintan Oza, Anantam Ecosystems Private Limited (India):
Operation Management Track Chairs:
Diana Ramírez, Buffalo University (USA):
Diana Ng, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (Panama):
People and Organizations Track Chairs:
Alejandra Orellana, Madetropec (Ecuador):
Program & Project Management Track Chairs:
Gustavo Giannastasio, IEEE TEMS (Uruguay):
Smart Cities Track Chairs:
Víctor Larios, Universidad de Guadalajara (México):
Social Implications of Technology Track Chairs:
Manuel Castañón-Puga, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (México):
Tech Management & Transfer Track Chairs:
Felix Vega, Technology Innovation Institute (United Arabian Emirates):

TEMS – 5 Focus Areas

Moving Product/Services from Idea to Market

Identifying and Implementing Successful Projects, and Systems

Integrating Technology for Capability and Productivity

Developing from Engineer to Leader

Balancing the Norms of Society, Government, and Regulators

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