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Call for Papers: IEEE Engineering Management Review Special Issue on Technology Management in Metaverse Technology and Applications

Important dates:
Submissions open: February 1st, 2024
Submission deadline: June 15th, 2024

The special issue solicits articles from researchers, academicians, industry practitioners, and policymakers to publish the latest developments in the metaverse. As a recognized expert in the area, your insights and perspectives will be invaluable in providing a comprehensive understanding of the metaverse’s technical intricacies, challenges, and opportunities. Your contribution will help our readers navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. We invite researchers and practitioners to submit original papers that address various topics of interest, including but not limited to:

  • Metaverse governance and management frameworks
  • Architecture and design of metaverse platforms
  • Data management and analytics for Internet of Things (IoT) and VR devices in metaverse
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning management solutions as background for metaverse management
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) advancements in the metaverse
  • Cybersecurity and privacy in metaverse infrastructure
  • Metaverse applications for energy management and sustainability
  • Metaverse applications on smart transportation and mobility management
  • Metaverse standards initiatives
  • Tools and technologies for creating and managing metaverse content
  • Economic and regulatory aspects of metaverse
  • Interoperability issues in metaverse frameworks
  • Ethics and social and community engagement in metaverse applications
  • Metaverse applications on earth digital twin and climate change
  • Metaverse applications on smart healthcare and well‐being
  • Human‐centric design and user experience in metaverse applications
  • Case studies and best practices in technology management for the metaverse

Submission Guidelines
Papers can be submitted in any one of the following categories:
➢ Technology Manager’s Notebook (TMN) Articles – 500‐2000 words
➢ Shorter Articles and Case Studies – 2000‐4000 words
➢ Longer Articles and Reviews – 7500‐10000 words

Submitted papers should be original and not under consideration by any other journal or conference. We invite submissions that are either conceptual or empirical. No specific theoretical or methodological approaches are preferred. High-quality conceptual, qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods submissions are welcome. Practitioner perspectives are especially encouraged. For further information about EMR and complete author guidelines see the TEMS website. Authors are welcome to contact the corresponding guest editor with questions. Submissions of articles must be made within the editorial system.

Guest Editors

Raymond Choo (corresponding editor)
University of Texas at San Antonio

Gustavo Giannattasio
IEEE TEMS VP Education

Yu Yuan, Ph.D
Founder, IEEE-ISTO Metaverse Acceleration and Sustainability Association (MASA)

Okan Geray
Dubai Digital Authority

Nicholas Napp
Cofounder, Xmark Labs, LLC

Donato Di Donato
Innovation at STMicroelectronics

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