IEEE Engineering Management Review

The IEEE Engineering Management Review (EMR), the TEMS journal of practice, republishes papers and original content that serves those who manage technology, engineering and innovation.

The intended audience includes those who

  • Have an interest in management as a profession
  • Manage the activities of engineers and related technology professionals
  • Hold managerial or strategic leadership responsibilities
  • Seek upward-bound opportunities as technology professionals
  • Prepare for leadership responsibilities in managing engineering, technology and innovation
  • Manage programs and projects
  • Operate in a global environment

The EMR, a journal of practice, presents state-of-the-art thinking and practices from selected management journals and conference proceedings and other management related journals.

Surveys have shown that the EMR is a highly respected and valued journal in providing insights in management of engineering and technology in a worldwide economy. An IEEE survey in 2014 showed the EMR ranking right under the Harvard Business review.

The EMR is published quarterly. Due to copyright restrictions, reprinted articles cannot be published in IEEE Xplore, except for the abstracts and original content: articles are available through Ask IEEE.

EMR provides you an opportunity to advance, enhance, and improve essential management and leadership knowledge and skills.

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