Engineering Processes Technical Activity Committee (TAC)

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Chair: Richard Evans and Axel Richter

The Engineering Processes Technical Activity Committee addresses all issues of process inception, implementation, optimization and control for new product or system development in engineering and R&D up to procurement, manufacturing and system deployment. This includes, but is not limited, to strategy, portfolio, program and project management, technology and requirement management, competence development, processes for manufacturing and supply chain systems and the required models and methodologies. Explicitly our focus will include agile and people centric methods like SCRUM and Lean Development and their implementation practice together with engineering tools support, also in globally distributed teams with diverse cultural and competence backgrounds. The dichotomy between rigid process orientation to tackle evermore complex systems and the innovative capacity of the company and the individual engineer requires new approaches for a successful future.


Join this Technical Activity Committee if you wish to engage and contribute to TEMS along this line of interest.  We will be looking for interesting discussion, networking, conference engagement, publications and other activities; with a focus on results.   More information on TACs in general can be found on the overview and details of the TACs web pages.

To join contact me or Richard Evans – to participate in this activity.