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A Message from the President of IEEE TEMS



Dear Candidate for TEMS AdCom Service:

Over the past 2 years, the IEEE Technology and Engineering Society (TEMS) leadership has worked to redefine TEMS.  TEMS has greatly evolved its focus to include technology aspects and to keep abreast of the needs for technology management.  Understanding how to build a successful product or service from idea to product, with knowledge of the phases and innovation needed, has been the overall theme.  This includes elements of Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship and the innovation needed throughout the process. This focus establishes TEMS as the key link between the directions of technology evolution and industry directions, and resonates with all other technical societies in IEEE.

TEMS supports activities such as conferences, workshops, and Industry Forum engagements.  TEMS also has publications including a Transactions focus on research (TEM) and a journal of practice (EMR) that includes technology directions.  TEMS also has the LEADER, a magazine, as well as web and social media.

To make TEMS a successful society and deliver activities and publications that interest its membership community, the society requires pro-active leaders on its Board, which is called the TEMS AdCom.  The TEMS AdCom is made up of Members-at-Large (MaL) elected by the TEMS membership, and TEMS Officers elected by the TEMS Administrative Committee (AdCom).

TEMS AdCom members span the knowledge base needed including industry and academic leaders, and represent:  We are looking for a mix of:

  • Engineering managers with leadership experience in Industry
  • Academia with a focus of technology management, particularly innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Technologists the understand the evolution of technology and its impact on business directions and business decisions

In addition to ensuring a suitable mix of knowledge and experience, TEMS AdCom members must take responsibility to engage and grow the society, just as if they were developing a start-up with a great future.  All TEMS AdCom members must be pro-active and responsible to deliver activities and publications that continuously lead to the success of TEMS including its membership and readership growth.

Please consider these needs of the society and its success as you prepare your application, particularly when describing how you plan to make a difference for TEMS.


Michael W Condry
TEMS President

Member of International Board of Advisors, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Chief Technical Officer, Intel Corporation, Client Division (retired)

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