Ad-Hoc Committees

Business Development Committee

The BDC charter is: to support the development in the typical areas of Industry Engagements, Financial Patronages, Alliances and alike that help TEMS.
The actions of the BDC contribute, in particular, the Society’s Business Lines of Conferences, of Membership, Marketing & Communications, of TACs, and finally Publications and therewith the Technology & Engineering Management Society at large.

Neil Sahota
President-Elect - 2022-2023
Neil SahotaPresident-Elect - 2022-2023
Andy Chen
President - 2020-2021
Andy ChenPresident - 2020-2021
Robert Bierwolf
Chair, Business Development Committee & VP Conferences (Interim)
Robert BierwolfChair, Business Development Committee & VP Conferences (Interim)
Jean Gehring
Member, Business Development Committee
Jean GehringMember, Business Development Committee
Pongrapee Buranasompob (Tong)
Member, Business Development Committee
Pongrapee Buranasompob (Tong)Member, Business Development Committee
Stephen Ibaraki
Stephen Ibaraki
John Keppler
John Keppler

 TEMS Technical Program Committee

Activities and Accomplishments

  • Mandate: 
    • to expanding our academic research community by recruiting new academic leaders and paper reviewers which are a large part for TEMS’ conferences.
    • Appoint Program Chairs and Publications Chairs for TEMS’ conferences
  • Leverage IEEE TEM team. We have access to 40 department and guest editors whom can act as program chairs 
  • Leverage TEM reviewers. We have more than 1000 of them

Activities Required Assistance

  • We need a solid publications chair who can manage EDAS. That is our weakness right now. 
  • Plan is to keep working with Rabiz and Ed while identifying a few others we can grow. 
  • Plan to work with other conferences (eg. AI4G, SSIM, ISEI, ICTE, ICMSE ..etc) to attract capable candidates for publications chair.
Dirk Meissner
Member, TPDC
Dirk MeissnerMember, TPDC
Yuan Zhou
Member, TPDC
Yuan ZhouMember, TPDC
Ed Perkins
Vice Chair, TPDC
Ed PerkinsVice Chair, TPDC
Brendan Galbraith
ExCom - VP Technical Activities
Brendan GalbraithExCom - VP Technical Activities
Marina Daibec
Member at Large
Marina DaibecMember at Large