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Webinar on “How to Successfully Restart Business Operations after the Current Pandemic “

Date : Thursday, September 10, 2020 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)
Duration : 1 Hr


The World is beginning a recovery from the global disaster caused by the reaction to the coronavirus known as COVID-19. People are returning to “normal” living and organizations are restarting the day-to-day operations. As the pandemic subsides, how do companies restart without missteps that prolong their recovery? The restarting presents an opportunity to become stronger and more competitive. This paper provides thoughts on the means to move forward quickly to reestablish proficiency and regain former capabilities Organization size and location may define specific issues and solution paths yet are based on a common set of guidelines.

About the Speakers:

Deb Newberry is currently serving as CEO of Newberry Technology Associates
(NTA), a company that provides expertise in organizational structure and efficiency,
emerging technologies, strategic planning, technology evolution and product
development. The NTA team performs business and competitive analysis for
multiple technologies including nanotechnology, electronics, photonics, material
science, additive manufacturing, and biotechnology. By creating an Idea Realization
Team, NTA helps to determine how emerging technologies may impact products,
companies, and market segments.

Deb Newberry served as the Director/Instructor of the Nanoscience Technician program at Dakota
County Technical College in Rosemount MN from 2004 to 2018. She created the 72-credit nanoscience
technician program in 2003 and began the program with National Science Foundation funding. Deb also
served as the Director and Principle Investigator of the Center for Nanotechnology Education, Nano-Link
for over 10 years, Nano-Link has been funded by over $12M from the National Science Foundation.
Nano-Link educational content, developed by Deb, has been used by over 900 educators and has
reached over 100,000 students. She is a nanotechnology book co-author, has written over 12 book
chapters presented more than 250 presentations and tens of educator workshops.
Prior to her career in education, Deb worked in the corporate world for 24 years performing thermal
and radiation testing and analysis on satellite systems and then serving as Executive Director managing
over $450M worth of satellite programs. Ms. Newberry led a national committee with a focus on
determining the impact of nanotechnology on satellite electronics and has served on multiple advisory
boards as well as state and national commissions. She is a member of professional organizations such as
the IEEE, ACS, MRS, RCS and ASEE and serves on multiple conference planning committees.

Walt Trybula, Ph.D., MBA, is a Director of the Trybula Foundation, Inc., and an
Adjunct Professor in the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University in
San Marcos. Dr. Trybula is a technology futurist and focused on evaluating
technology trends and applications in emerging key industries with an emphasis on
their impact on economic development and job creation. His business focus is on
strategy development and technology insertion into the corporate organizational
structure. He has been involved with a number of state and local organizations and committees focusing
on economic development through business creation.
A SEMATECH Senior Fellow, Dr. Trybula spent 13 years working on leading edge technologies for the
semiconductor industry. He has been continuously involved in various aspects of nanotechnology since
1996 when his research at SEMATECH led to investigations of distortions in the single digit nanometer
range. Additional efforts in 2002 focused on the existence and impact of “nano-bubbles” on the creation
of leading-edge semiconductors. Prior to his SEMATECH efforts, Dr. Trybula was with the General
Electric Company for 12 years, the last nine of which were on corporate staff as Corporate Consultant
focused on introducing and enhancing electronics manufacturing technology and product
commercialization evaluation for both internal GE Divisions and Fortune 100 companies. He was
President and Founder of Ivy Systems, Incorporated, Virginia corporation and was a Director at another
start-up, Compunetics, Inc., a computer integrator.

Through his work at Texas State University, he has been involved in the efforts that resulted in the
development of the first Nanotechnology Safety courses and textbook along with an award for Ethics in
Engineering. Walt is an IEEE Fellow, SPIE Fellow, and IEEE/CPMT Distinguished Lecturer.

Newberry-Trybula Team
Since 2003, Newberry and Trybula have often been working together to advance both business and
technology with an emphasis on emerging technology. The IEEE-USA brought both to D.C., to provide
background information to Congressional personnel on the then developing state of nanotechnology.
The team formed after their presentations in June 2003, which was made to both elected official and
Senate staffers at the U.S. Russell Senate Office Building. Their collaborations have included a number
of peer reviewed papers, chapters, presentations, and educational courses at both IEEE and NSF
conferences and meetings.

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