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Webinar: Make Entrepreneurship Lemonade during Tough Times

Date & Time: April 29, 2021, 6 -7:30pm PST

Speaker: Professor Yuanyuan Zhou


Entrepreneurs have one of the toughest jobs.  We do whatever to help our “baby” survive and thrive.  Unfortunately, real life and markets often welcome us with thunderstorms.  As captains of our ship, we have to steer it through these turmoils.  In this talk, we will share our limited experience and many lessons learned in starting three companies. In particular, how to identify a good problem for startups and how to commercialize a research prototype to a startup.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. YY Zhou is a Qualcomm Chair Professor at UCSD.  Prior to UCSD, she was a tenured professor in computer science at Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her area of expertise includes computer reliability, data center management, and operating systems. She obtained her  Ph.D from Princeton University. She is an ACM Fellow (2013) and IEEE Fellow (2015), Sloan Research Fellow (2007) and the winner of ACM Mark Weiser award (2015).  She is always proud of her former and current MS and Ph.D students, six of whom have joined top universities as tenured or tenure-track faculty, and several of them were successful entrepreneurs.    In parallel to her academic career, she has also co-founded three companies. Her second company, Pattern Insight, a spin off from her research group at Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign,  was successfully acquired by VmWare in 2012.    Since 2014, she has been busy with her third startup, Whova.  It has gained substantial customer traction worldwide and has helped more than 20,000+ conferences/events in 105 countries

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