Way of working: #NewBeginning post Covid19 Era

Narmadha S,
Head – Talent Development, Bangalore
Tata Consultancy Services

Ruby was a very positive person. She loved her own space, she followed the mantra “Live and let live”. It was very rare to find such an empathetic boss, a simple colleague, a selfless mentor at work. The best part about her was the aura she spreads when you are with her. The coffee chats were no more boring breaks after Ruby recharged everyone’s brain with latest updates on technologies and how to stimulate performance in business. Oh man, her ways of celebrating every small details were awesome. She used to surprise the work desks with chocolates and looking at her face put up a smile on our face and spirit to the heart.

Why are you reading about such a wonderful person but in past tense? Ruby is very much alive. But, like the two worlds of “counterpart” series, she is totally a different person carrying the same DNA but living a new character and struggling to balance at this new Post COVID era.

A dotting mother of two, Ruby used to love those evenings playing, chatting, and experimenting some crazy fun activities with their children, the family dinner of 4 used to be favorite time for all. She is a smart independent woman, her house was well maintained, she enabled all required support system from cleaning to cooking, the care takers. But this happened. The bat food the Chinese the transport to other countries the pandemic contagious threats the lockdown the positive case at neighborhood the panic at work zone the elders in the family a big NO to maids and cook – Ruby wanted to give her best to balance. But, she needed time to try, to plan, to prepare her mind. She was completely in stress and being a highly organized person, not able to complete a dish, not able to clean up, not able to update that excel sheet, not able to reply to a team member’s email – that disturbed her more.

As you notice above, the tense used is still past tense, because that was the #NewBeginning state she was put into. But there are five important techniques which she used, that made her regain her best self and embrace this #NewNormal with complete rigor and positivity which also led to business productivity.

  1. To Err is Human: So, be ready to cook that curry without coconut if you don’t have time to scrap and add. It is okay if you cannot finish all the pending ones in your TO-DO list. Prepare your mind to be okay!
  2. Being organized is being in control :
    • Schedule your tasks, divide your 24 hours into buckets of work, personal, family, household chores, innovation at work times. Let that bucket not be overlapped with another. Choose the time zones wisely so it does not get intruded. Example. Do not plan a work-innovation slot by 1 PM which will certainly be disrupted by hungry sounds in family.
    • A thumb rule for being organized is to have a clean folder management and naming convention. This is more crucial in current workstyle as many of us are not connected to the server , which delays the process of a file recovery.
    • Prioritize your task and have a break or mode of energizer with your team after each task is done. This is exactly the power of celebrating smaller details. Make it a routine to begin with, which will turn out to be a culture of the team / organization.
  3. Office Space: While “once upon a time” we all craved for work from home and cool office lounges, today, 90% of the employees are crying to get back to the office building and their dedicated workstation. Why? Because of the dis-interrupted ambience which gives a sense of control and freedom. So, create some kind of office space inside home, even if you cannot plan an entire room, have a corner which does not get used for any other stuff. Your family knows, when you are there, it is a DND zone.
  4. Chai Breaks: No, they are not just meant for drinking a cuppa tea, office breaks are a great time of the day where we get off the stress, beyond family thoughts, work escalations, these breaks with colleagues are a different version of stress management zone. This zone allows us to distress as we sip a bit of tea and gulp a dose of gossip and maybe some flavors of politics, news and stock market. But, in this scenario, every work from home individual is missing “that” version of chai break. Getting up from work desk to enter another housework in kitchen is not a break indeed. So, how can you gain your distress coffee break. Have shorter chit chat calls with your buddies, once daily maybe 2 to 5 mins.
  5. Learning to evolve: Most important part to deal is to think of our ancestors, who are apes. Learning to bring fire via stones, learning to cook food for survival, learning to update and upgrade the eco-system and personal growth – this has always been the way we humans are surviving and evolving into a better version in each stage. Consider Covid19 situation as an entry into the new world. Unlearn some of your habits, re-learn the forgotten basics, learn technology applications for business and tune inwards to learn better self-management techniques.

So, Ruby is now back to her positivity, in fact she is in her better version to deal with #NewBeginning workstyle with these 5 important tips. Are you ready to upgrade?

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