Tina Singh, CEO, Singh Law Corporation

IEEE TEMS, TEMSCON 2019, Industry Forum <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

good morning I have that media
Tina saying Tina is the CEO and chairman
of singular corporation she’s an expert
in the little magnet associated with
startups and the artificial intelligence
not even related areas so we’d like to
ask Tina a few perceptions of knowledge
and experience attendance so the first
question I have for 89 so what would you
have learned about gems and what I have
perceptions about technology and
engineering society well I’ve been very
impressed with what I found out about
Thames I’ve seen that it’s an
organization with very intelligent
professionals and I Triple E from around
the world
so just in this conference of met people
from Japan from Israel from China
from really all over the US and all over
the world I’m very impressed with the
intellect and the passion that this
group has it was a real pleasant
Thank You Tina that’s very exciting to
know what you perceive about temps and
your experience with temps that leads me
to the next question and I would like to
ask if you recommend against your
colleagues or your business associates
professional friends and circle of
people in your professional expertise to
be a member of tennis oh yes absolutely
and in fact you know it’s an interesting
question you’re asking whether I would
recommend temps to my colleagues my
professional circle I’ve already done
that and the folks that I’ve spoken to
have been very excited they want to
engage with temps in the future so it
would be a resounding yes that I not
only would recommend to my colleagues
and professional circle but I already
have well thank you so much that’s so
very exciting you know it’s very very
exciting and very proactive on your part
to do that no you know in closing I’d
like to know from you what would you
like to know more about them and
futuristic projections and perceptions
about tennis well what what is really
exciting and what I’d like to know more
and maybe find other ways to engage is
that Thames is an incredibly bright and
talented group of professionals in the I
Triple E community I feel like there’s a
possibility for this group to engage in
a wider way with other service providers
because you see that interaction whether
it be accountants lawyers other
professionals I think this this is Anna
fantastic organization and it seems like
there’s more room to engage other
professionals in the community other
service providers
thank you very much Dina thank you for
your time
because today at this conference in
Atlanta hope to see you again sometime
and we continue our relationship thank
you so much for these

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