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The Silicon Valley TEMS Chapter has been quite active. In 2019 we practically had an event every month; here is a list of our speakers and their titles:

  • January, we had Dr Jawad Nasrullah who talked on “From Engineer to Founder: The Startup Accelerator Experience” 
  • February, we had Mr. Andrew Webster who talked on “Situational Decision Making: Leadership in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity) world” 
  • March, we had Dr. Silvia Figueira who talked on “Managing Frugal Innovation: The Challenges of Humanitarian Engineering” 
  • April, we had Mr. Itamar Frankenthal who talked on “The 60 Minute Harvard MBA: 15 Key Business Lessons – Part 2” 
  • May, we had Mr. Ron Schilling who talked on “The Director Coach: An approach to filling the younger CEO’s ‘training gap’” 
  • June, we had Mr. Tom Pavelko who talked on “How to Save a Program or Project that is Failing and Make a Good One the Best It Can Be –Tom Pavelko’s experience in evaluating big programs in trouble and leading them to success—what’s his secret?” 

We took a summer break, but picked up again in the Fall.

  • September, we had Dr. Moises E. Robinson who talked on “Leading a Global Analog IP Semiconductor Company: Cowboy style”
  • October, we had Mr. Ron Lichty who talked on “Managing the Unmanageable: If You Are Agile, What Do Managers Do?— The critical roles that managers play in enabling agile success…” 
  • November, we had Garry Mathiason J.D. who talked on “AI-Powered HR: Legal/Ethical Implications in a World of Algorithmic Bias”
  • December, we had Dr. Moshe Gotesman who talked on “Chaos, Order, and Everything in Between – Leading Projects Silicon Valley-Style — An expert practitioner talks about the current practices in hi-tech project management.”
  • We’re planning a full-day workshop in the Spring of 2020.

The Chapter has continued to have monthly meetings except during the summer for several years now.  Audience varies in size but is growing. 

Edmund Cheng, Chapter Secretary

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