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Initiative and Innovation: First-Time Conference Markets to Young Professionals, Students, and Industry

As a new Society, IEEE Technology and Engineering Management (TEMS) understands that engaging key audiences in Society activity is crucial to its current and future success. For its first flagship conference, the Society has taken initiative to include innovative programming for young professionals, students, and industry.

“Since young professionals and students stand much to gain, we are looking into options to work with them,” says Michael Condry, TEMS President. “The society recognizes that they will be our future leaders and this is our opportunity to nurture and empower them.”

At TEMSCON 2017, young professionals and students can participate in special sessions and competitions aimed at addressing their needs with technology management skills. During these sessions, participants can network with industry and academia leaders and gain experts’ insights on the future trends of entrepreneurship a! nd intrapreneurship. TEMSCON will also feature a “Fun Night Out” for students and young professionals. Attendees can socialize with their peers, network with TEMS leaders and conference speakers, and seek out advice on research and career development.

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