TEMS Technical Activity Committees



The concept of Technical Activities Committees (TACs) was introduced in the January 2016 LEADER.

Technical Activities Committees (TACs) are groups of individuals who have a common technical area of interest and who wish to participate in, even lead the technical activities and programs of the Technology and Engineering Society (TEMS).  TEMS has started a Technical Activates Program to allow for interest growth and new directions in the Society addressing the many challenge topics around moving a technical concept to product.

As a member of a TEMS TAC you can engage in proposing and chairing special sessions in conferences, chairing TEMS conferences, contributing to publications all focused along your technical interests.  Each group has a leader or “chair” along with a “co-chair” and other positions can be identified. Anyone may join a TAC to engage.  Some of the committee benefits require TEMS membership. Any group of members can define a TAC and propose it to the AdCom to have it made official.  Each TAC will have a charter, web page and member list.  The initial TACs were approved by the AdCom, each with a plan.

TEMS currently has 5 TACs:

  • Leadership and Management of People and Organizations
  • Engineering Processes
  • Digital Enterprise Technologies
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Project Management

Each has a link to a web page with the charter and contact for the initial committee leader, as well as a list of members. People can use that web page to join a TAC. Again anyone may join, but to hold a TAC officer position you must be a TEMS member.

We suggest you start with one or more of the existing TACs. Then as you get engaged you can propose new focused TACs with members of similar interest. However, if your area of interest is not already covered by the existing TACs please consider recruiting a few of your colleagues and forming a new TAC. Send your proposal to c.desmond@ieee.org with details of the proposed scope and membership. We are happy to work with you to form a new TAC.

Contact info for joining the TACs is as follows. Please contact the Chair or the committee(s) of interest to you.

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