TEMS is seeking a VP of conferences

TEMS Vice President of Conferences – Deadline May 11 2020

Role Overview and Expectations

Conferences are a critical issue of TEMS: they are not only a key product in themselves, but they provide value for Technical Activities, Membership, and Publications. Their role, both independent and highly connected, should provide input to all TEMS product areas. 

Conferences may be organized by the Society (TEMS) or by other participating partners. TEMS organized conferences allow us to champion programs, such as Industry Forum, that establish bridges between industry needs and research and add value to Society membership and engagements. Partner Conferences, while a source of revenue, have not shown to add value to other TEMS product areas. 

The VP of Conferences manages the Conferences Portfolio for both TEMS organized conferences and Partner events, balancing activities to provide for the betterment of the Society and its members. A key responsibility is to grow the TEMS organized events because of their impacts on society values across all products. 

A candidate for TEMS VP Conferences should bring a record of successes in chairing and organizing conferences, preferably IEEE ones, and show through experience to execute them successfully. The candidate must know the IEEE tools and requirements for conferences as well as experience in paper processing and registration tools. 

This position will be a challenge, with a limited budget but an opportunity to grow a Society’s Conferences Portfolio. 

Candidate Information

Candidate Experience

  • Summary of IEEE volunteer accomplishments, and not a listing of positions only. What was the applicant’s contribution? How did they make a difference? 
  • Summary of relevant experiences outside of IEEE
  • Experience as it relates to the Role and Expectations 
  • Demonstrated ability to work with local organizing team to support and guide their efforts. This would include experience as a local organizer for at least a handful of conferences. 
  • Experience in marketing to a world-wide audience
  • Strong communication skills to enable the provision of actionable feedback to the ExCom regarding initiatives to strengthen conference participation.

TEMS Position

  • Strategy to achieve goals of VP of conferences
  • Thoughts on building attendance at TEMS organized conferences


If you are interested and feel qualified to take the challenge, please fill out the form and send it to

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