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TEMS Election Results for the Term 2020-2021

The elections to fill five Member-at-Large (MaL) positions (TEMS membership as voters to fill MAL positions), and the officer positions of VP – Conferences, VP – Publications, and President-Elect (TEMS AdCom as voters for Officer positions), have concluded. Each of these positions will have terms of two years, commencing 1 January 2020.   

Members-At-Large for 2020-2021:  The following TEMS Members will begin serving on the TEMS AdCom in 2020 for a term of two years, concluding on December 31, 2021:  

  • Marina Dabic
  • Gustavo Giannattasio
  • William S. Marshall, IV
  • Tariq Samad
  • Mark Wehde

Officers Elected for 2020-2021: Those elected to serve in the three officer positions were determined by a vote of the TEMS AdCom on 16 November 2019.  The VP positions each have a two-year commitment (calendar years 2020-2021). The position of President-Elect is a two-year term with a six-year commitment, as the normal progression is from President-Elect to President (two-year term) and then to Past-President (two-year term).  Those elected are:

  • President-Elect 2020-2021: Neil Sahota
  • VP-Conferences 2020-2021: Liang Downey
  • VP-Publications 2020-2021: Gerard ‘Gus’ Gaynor

The TEMS Nominations Committee thanks the TEMS membership and the TEMS AdCom for their participation in nominating eligible candidates for the various positions. A special thanks to all candidates for expressing their interest to help make the society even more successful.

Michael Condry
TEMS President 2019

Andy Chen
TEMS President-Elect 2019

Luke Maki
TEMS Acting Past-President and
2019 Nominations Committee (on behalf of the Nominations Committee)

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