TEMS Call for AdCom Nominations 2018 – for the term 2019-2020

During 2018 the TEMS membership will elect five individuals for Member-at-Large (MaL) positions in the TEMS AdCom, and the current TEMS AdCom will elect three individuals to fill the positions of VP – Technical Activities, VP – Membership, Marketing, & Communications, and President-Elect (2019). Other than the President-Elect position which will be for only calendar year 2019 (with expectation for that person to then become President in 2020, and Past-President in 2022), each of the other eight positions will have terms of two years, commencing 1 January 2019.  This Call for Nominations is requesting your involvement to nominate candidates for this year’s elections. Self-nominations are accepted. As you consider potential MaL nominees, please give specific consideration to those TEMS members who are Young Professionals. Young Professionals are those who have received their first professional degree within the last fifteen years.

Mal Positions:  Five members will be elected by the TEMS membership to the TEMS AdCom as MaLs, each to serve a 2-year term (calendar years 2019-2020). The TEMS Nomination Committee has the responsibility to review nominations and recommend the final list of candidates to appear on the ballot, finalized with TEMS ExCom approval.  The five MaLs who receive the highest number of votes will determine the outcome. In the event of a tie between a fifth and sixth candidate, the Nominations Committee Chair resolve the issue by presenting the tied candidates information to the TEMS Executive Committee (ExCom), who will conduct a vote to break the tie.  Current Members-at-Large who complete a first term as of 31 December 2018 are eligible to be considered by the Nominations Committee for inclusion on the ballot to run for a second term, but they must have a nomination form submitted to the TEMS Nominations Committee to be considered. MaLs may serve for two consecutive terms.

Officer Positions: Three officer positions will be determined by a vote of the TEMS AdCom, usually conducted at the final face-to-face meeting of the calendar year (October or November).  The positions of VP – Technical Activities and VP – Membership, Marketing, & Communications will have two-year terms (calendar years 2019-2020).  Current holders of the positions who are completing a first term as of 31 December 2017 are eligible for the ballot to serve a second term if a nomination form is submitted.  The position of President-Elect is usually a two-year term with a six-year commitment, as the normal progression is from President-Elect to President (two-year term) and then to Past-President (two-year term).  However, this year the need to fill a vacant seat will have the elected President-Elect serve in that capacity only for 2019.

The TEMS AdCom represents the members of the Society and governs the Society (for example, approves the Society’s annual budget and amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, elects Society Officers, and authorizes the expenditure of Society funds). Members of the AdCom are expected to attend at least two annual face-to-face meetings, one in the spring and one in the fall, as well as attend periodic teleconferences. AdCom Members (MaLs and Officers alike) are expected to contribute significantly to the success of the society by taking active roles on TEMS Committees, TEMS conferences, and/or TEMS publications.  The eligibility criteria are briefly stated in the Society Bylaws. All nominees must be IEEE members and members of the Society, in good standing, at the time of nomination.

A Message from the President of IEEE TEMS

Nomination Documents

A complete nomination must include 

(1) Candidate application (optionally attach a resume): IEEE-TEMS-Candidate Application Form 2018

Nominations must be sent to the TEMS Nominations Committee at tems-nomcom@ieee.org, by 20:00 New York time (UTC/GMT – 4) on August 3, 2018 in order to be considered.

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