TEMS AdCom Election Results for the Term 2019-2020

The elections to fill five Member-at-Large (MaL) positions (TEMS membership as voters), and the officer positions of VP – Membership-Marketing-Communications (MMC), VP – Technical Activities (TA), and President-Elect (TEMS AdCom as voters), have concluded. Other than President-Elect, each of these positions will have terms of two years, commencing 1 January 2019. Due to a prior vacancy in the position, the newly elected President-Elect will only serve in the position during 2019 prior to becoming President in 2020.   

Mal Positions:  The following TEMS Members will begin serving on the TEMS AdCom in 2019 for a term of two years, concluding on December 31, 2020.  MALs may serve for two consecutive terms:

  • Michael Andrews
  • Antonio Bastos
  • Robert Dent
  • Richard Evans
  • Jason Hui

Officer Positions: Those elected to serve in the three officer positions were determined by a vote of the TEMS AdCom on 11 November 2018.  The positions of VP – MMC and VP – TA have a two-year commitment (calendar years 2019-2020). Officers may also be elected to serve a second consecutive term.  The position of President-Elect is a two-year term with a six-year commitment, as the normal progression is from President-Elect to President (two-year term) and then to Past-President (two-year term).  Those elected are:

  • President-Elect: Andy Chen
  • VP-MMC: Ravikiran Annaswammy
  • VP-TA: Brendan Galbraith

The TEMS Nominations Committee and the TEMS AdCom thank the TEMS membership for their participation in nominating eligible candidates for the various positions, and for participating in the MAL election.  


Michael Condry

TEMS President

Luke Maki

TEMS Past-President and

2018 Nominations Committee Chair

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