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Stephen Ibaraki, founder of the United Nations ITU ACM XPRIZE AI for Good Global Summit and financial industry’s Fintech Ideas Festival (both ranked No.1), shares his deep experiences as forward thinking entrepreneur, tech guru, and venture capitalist. In high demand with more than 100 global engagements in 2019, Stephen keynoted at the annual CEO YPO Edge Conference this year (YPO: 27K CEOs, $9 Trillion annual revenue), shared his futurist insights at multiple session at SxSW in March 2019; keynoted at AI Vienna and Kingfomarket 2019 Barcelona in May.

Stephen Ibaraki is Chairman, Managing General Partner REDDS Capital; globally unique with concurrent Chairman, Founder, Board roles in: Business/finance, successful serial Entrepreneurship, no.1 computing Science organizations, no. 1 UN innovation, top Industry-organizations/think tanks, no.1 Summits. 100+ global engagements guiding $10+ Trillion in investments.

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