Suresh Shenoy, President, WHEELS Global Foundation

IEEE TEMS, TEMSCON 2019, Industry Forum <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

goodnight I have agreed to it
Suresh shenoy selection.i is the
president of wheels global foundation we
spell after a regular world wheels
elders and an acronym for water health
energy education lifestyle and
sustainability and we are hoping to hear
his remarks at the next session where
you’ll be speaking and delivering this
talk the we at first background
engagement the camps let’s ask them
questions and one of the questions I
have in mind is to know from sewage what
have you learned from Thames due to your
engagement with technology and hearing
man and society well first of all thank
you very much for giving me this
opportunity to talk about real
you know how technology
okay and the skills language I always
said that when you drive a car for
example you cannot do that the only
looking at the rearview mirror but there
is a real mirror should normally came
from but the only can drive when you
look through the window in front of it
so what lies ahead of you so I think
there is a serving a very important
function in knowing how technology is
evolving what are the emerging
technologies and how they might be
applied in different situations so and
and and the interesting thing there is
that you learn a lot from people who are
in a lab as well as people who are in
the commercial side we’re trying to
commercialize this technology so so it’s
a great networking wrong and I think to
be able to sort of take the nuggets that
are important
in terms of philanthropy there’s an
awful lot that I learn from
thank you the one thing that I would say
is that you know a lot of policymakers
in Washington where I come from
Washington DC have no idea about how
artificial intelligence are now being
called oh we must go revolution what
impact it has on policy so I think James
can serve a very important role as we
discussed about his work people talk
about here as an event on matters
related to privacy firstly without
and some what we crossed border issue
about the changing intellectual property
also it tends is a grid organization in
that sense that we are looking ahead and
not listen
thank you very much switch that’s a very
very good perspective and overview of
how should consider moving forward so
from that context would be recommend
Thames to your premature my friends
and whoever you think as a booking oh
I I think the word needs to get around
because whether you are in academia or
they are in Nam industry or in the
government it is so helpful to know
where you can mind which data that is
available on technological innovations
and and society such as cyclically
globally renowned and clearly they have
very high standards on how you
participate with arbitration so so for
any company that wants to be seen as a
leader in their field or any company
that is quite unique individual who
wants to be seen as a as a
forward-thinking leader
and learn from each other what’s going
on in the lab and what’s going on in
industry what’s happening from the
Middle East I can at all I think this is
uh I would highly recommend it
thank you once again and that’s a very
nice way of how the power of
collaboration between academia and
industry world can collaborate to solve
problems and find solutions that’s not
the power of collaboration today so what
more would you like to go on from terms
and what our expectation of them from a
futuristic perspective well you know we
are we are done extremely
fast moving world if you what happened
you know internet ii say must even at
this time versus what happened today
in one second on the internet there is
an explosion of late is an explosion of
data and and not only that with new
technologies like 5g and robotics and
machine learning etc we can expect even
more and uncover that earlier new
knowledge that is being discovered in a
day which things like crisper for
example and died in the genetic side you
start to realize that the world that my
children and my grandchildren are going
to grow in is not the same as what it
was you know when we go and and and
therefore I think it is very important
that that organizations like terms you
know keep that perspective in mind that
what we are discussing here today he is
not just relevant for you and me but it
is gonna be a great relevance on how we
bring up our own children
because that’s the world they’re going
to be living in absolutely I totally
agree with your installation that’s
exactly what we are all trying to
achieve and accomplish and so one day
when you sit with your that channel and
what you do you know you’re looking
after the future you know just to sort
of expand on that a little bit someone
suggested that should we be looking at
our education system in light of the new
my career or granddaughter
you know already sort of leverages Alexa
she comes home and she asked let’s our
questions in our own way
the point is is that we used to go to
the library and look look it up in the
book but is it relevant to her when she
grows up to be able to put a library and
find information well it’s already there
and it’s easier ways of doing so the
question is how
education will reformatted of you to
prepare the next generation of hockey
units and I think there’s can play a
very important role that’s a really good
part and really appreciate your comments
and remarks that’s really very
thoughtful thank you very much for
taking the time to be
look follicles increased engagement
thankfully didn’t

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