Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman, Managing General Partner, REDDS Capital speaks about his leanings and thoughts on Technology management and TEMS during TEMSCON

IEEE TEMS, TEMSCON 2019, Industry Forum <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

it’s a very great pleasure and an honor
to have you here today at this
conference in Atlanta
temps con conference and this morning
people like you are very valuable and
very engaging the Box on life at
Enterprise acceleration so just like a
little bit different from what you spoke
this morning and what I’d like to know
is what would you have learned about
temps and what are your impressions
about Thames well you know I’m so very
impressed with what the technology
engineering management society is doing
it definitely because needed were in a
time of unprecedented innovation and
acceleration and management of the
technologists and ensuring the safe and
the adoption in a way that sort of
measured in a very structured way it’s
very much needed in this time so so much
changed and so I really applaud the
tremendous planning and also the success
of this summit here and just really
really enjoy it thank you thank you and
that leads me to ask you if you would
recommend Thames to your business please
your associates your friends maybe
sometimes your students or you know
whose whatever you think would benefit
from Thames I you know whether where you
are in your career whether you’re just
beginning as a student and studying all
the different kinds of technologies and
then you want to progress in your career
once you graduate or if you’re in the
academic community you want to
contribute to the sort of the research
side of you know technology engineering
management and so on or a working
professional or futurists like I am our
venture capitalist you definitely want
to engage with the I Triple E towns it’s
it’s really the focal point a hub I
would say up the world and in coalescing
all of the key topic areas that need to
be addressed especially in these times
of transformational change in
plan today thank you so much and that’s
really very engaging very
thought-provoking and last but not the
least I’d like to know what you would
like from Denton what are your
expectation of them in the futuristic
trend that you have described so
eloquently you know I see terms to
continue to take this leadership
position and these the transformative as
I mentioned summits that they’re holding
conferences and in the different
publications and in the different media
and just really all the outreach work
that they’re doing for example here you
know it’s being hosted by Georgia Tech
this Research Institute it’s a
tremendous facilities but it’s bringing
together such an elaborate of
facilitated way all the key you know
people in the world and discussing the
major issues that need to be discussed
today so that it can be managed into the
future I see tabs P I playing a key or
you know role in that so endeavor of
bringing people together thank you very
much it’s such a great pleasure to hear
your remarks and so very encouraging I’m
sure more and more Tim’s members and
would be members would get encouraged
and motivated so this was Steven Ibaraki
Chairman and Managing Partner of for its
capital and we were indeed honored to
have him this morning and deliver a
keynote talk we hope to continue our
engagement with Steven and look forward
to a rewarding friendship thank you very
thank you and it’s such a pleasure

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