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 The mission of the Reviews Department is to publish scholarly reviews and surveys of the literature on topics of interest to the Transactions on Engineering Management.

Literature reviews and surveys are important for consolidating knowledge in a research stream.  All topics pertinent to the mission of any IEEE-TEM department will be considered.  Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by editors, board members, or reviewers from relevant departments.  Review and survey papers must appropriately define their scope and then address that area with sufficient depth and rigor.  They must not only mention relevant research but also offer new insights for researchers and practitioners.  Successful manuscripts often develop new frameworks or taxonomies, identify areas with little or no research coverage, compare and contrast alternative theories or conflicting results, and forecast the most promising areas for further research.  The best reviews and surveys advance the field by contributing new insights that elevate future research endeavors and guide practitioners. Literature survey papers are similar to review papers but tend to take a higher-level view of a larger area of research.  Therefore they tend to place more emphasis on breadth than depth and seek to illuminate the research landscape.  Prospective authors of review and survey papers are strongly encouraged to consult prior reviews and surveys published in this Transactions and other high-level, scholarly journals for examples of high-quality papers.

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