Raju Goteti, Vice President, Co-Innovation Network, Tata Consultancy Services

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it was a pleasure to be here today and
you know being this conference the temps
conference was very interesting it
brought in perspective ideas from
various researchers and from various
folks from the industry and it gave a
sense of where the technology is heading
as well as the fact that how technology
is being actually used in new kinds of
business models this I think is very
relevant to our times today because you
know we live in this one destructive
world and these new models have to have
some place to bounce off and there’s
always you know different kinds of
conversations that happen on the
sidelines of such kind of conferences
it’d make a whole difference do the wave
which is operated the way technology
evolves thank you very much Roger that
was really really you know exciting to
hear these comments and I see that I are
looking for the power of collaboration
to bring these changes about so from
that point of view would you be able to
expand this network and recommend temps
to your colleagues employees even
business associates and corporate
partners thanks of ease absolutely I’m
the VP and head of Coe innovation
network network we have got our partners
as academic
researchers faculty diverse students we
also have got startups and VC’s and when
we interact with them one of four core
is more of operation is to see what are
the ways we can collaborate effectively
the stakeholders in the network the more
they are involved the more they can
really benefit from being a part of this
core network the forum that you are
having here is one such forum where I
feel that all our partners would be able
to benefit immensely it is a forum where
interactions can take place in really
nice way and some of the challenges and
the Quad Cities can be presented you
know in a way so that it actually
attracts more collaborative it’s
wonderful normally my impression is that
research and development takes place in
the laboratories of universities and
research institutions and you as an
industry partner can bring about the
results of the work that is done in the
industry laboratories or interest and
foreign industry laboratory is the world
so that would be a very very interesting
and innovative way of collaboration and
working than hearing the new findings
that you may have to present so that’s
really fantastic and I’m really truly
impressed by that so what more would you
like from Thames looking at a futuristic
perspective and thinking about some of
these visionary ideas that you are
presented definitely academic research
is one where you already
involved a fair bit even in that
academic research i think the
involvement of industry is critical so i
would encourage more industry to be
involved in the future i think this
whole area of trying to commercialize
the IP that already exists in a category
is not all that all that much the way i
see today and that is a huge potential
out there that the first part the second
part is you know startups invites
startups as well to this kind of forum
because many of the even a current
researchers faculty and students are now
creating their own sauna that is a one
big change that I see every second thing
is the startups are coming from all over
the world again and there are also
disruptive in nature and it will become
very global so besides it meant inviting
startups to the forum I also would like
to recommend that they should have this
across different parts of the world also
especially in places like India in China
from our point of view from a teachers
part of you we have presented it locally
globally and we
you know start at like a today partners
around the globe and we would welcome
participation from our partner console
wonderful it’s so very exciting to hear
these remarks radio and in the dance
between the academic institutions which
are there for hundreds of years and
industry corporations that come and go
do too with dynamics of mergers and
acquisitions I think this is a very
positive aspect and it would be really
nice to look forward to a continued
engagement and hopefully we should be
able to work together and we see you
again next year next time in the temps
conferences and other events as well a
curative and

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