Project Management Top-10-Challenges

Project Management is always a hot topic in which many human problems are present. Information from Villanova University abut the Top 10 Project Management Challenges give us some clues on how to shape the Human Problem Domain on Projects.

Ontology problems are related with categories, goals, scope and effort needed to reach the goals.

Epistemological problems are related with goals and the need for such goals.

There are practical problems with resources and timing. We do not mean here the organizational aspects of those problems that could be resolved with algorithms but rather the human or social aspects that must define what to do, when to do it and how it must be done and alignment of the resources in a proper timing. This problem are shown in the accompanying list in challenges 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 and especially in 8.    

We are looking forward to going deeper in those problems in our Technical Activities Committee (TAC)


Project Management Challenges: Source Villanova University

1 Undefined Goals.

2 Scope Changes

Working with a Team: Challenges for Project Managers

3 Inadequate Skills for the Project

4 Lack of Accountability

Project Management Challenge: Dealing with Risk

5 Improper Risk Management

6 Ambiguous Contingency Plans

Project Management and Communication Challenges  

Managing Expectations: An important Project Manager Attribute

7 Poor Communication

In each category the PM with must deal with some human problems.

8 Impossible Deadlines

9 Resource Deprivation  

10 Lack of Stakeholder Engagement

Source:  https://www.villanovau.com/resources/project-management/top-10-challenges/#.W2cIGKr85aQ


Author: Osvaldo A Perez, Chair Project and Delivery Management TAC, TEMS

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