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Thinking like a Leader: the TILL System

The system of leadership communication introduced in this course is designed to increase your ability to influence people. This system, called TILL, was introduced in the book, Thinking & Interacting Like a Leader. In essence, the system focuses on interpersonal communication skills. However, it addresses any situation in which a manager delivers a message to organization members, whether that message is delivered face-to-face, in writing or electronically.

Access the course: http://ieee-elearning.org/course/search.php?search=Thinking+Like+a+Leader

Featured e-books

  • G.H.Gaynor, Developing Leaders and Managers, 2012. Most books on effective leaders focus on CEOs, presidents, and others working at lofty levels. But the important role of managers is often overlooked. If portrayed at all, managers are shown as administrators—moving paperwork along to ensure a company runs smoothly. But a new IEEE-USA E-book challenges the assumption of blandness. Effective managing cannot exist without some level of leadership, a trait that is not restricted to top executives. 
Review here.
  • G.H.Gaynor, Perspectives on Leading and Managing, 2011.

TEMS – 5 Focus Areas

Moving Product/Services from Idea to Market

Identifying and Implementing Successful Projects, and Systems

Integrating Technology for Capability and Productivity

Developing from Engineer to Leader

Balancing the Norms of Society, Government, and Regulators

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