Michael Condry, President IEEE TEMS 2017-19

IEEE TEMS, TEMSCON 2019, Industry Forum <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

good afternoon Michael being a triple
attends president for three years we
would like to get some message from you
for all members and also potential
members thank you very much the
wonderful thing about I Triple E this is
a huge society the International Society
that has massive resource ability and in
today’s business world you have to keep
up with these resources and keep up with
technology to build your business
successfully and you can’t hire
everybody we can’t create Bell Labs IBM
Research etc we just don’t have the
ability so we’ve created a society
technology and engineer metal society
and the goal of that society is to help
you bridge your industry into this
massive resource to help you build your
business so that is what tems is about
and if you’re an industry engaging in
temas programs which by the way supports
several things including the industry
forum where industry people talk about
how they engage what their challenges
are and get the researchers to address
those challenges so we’ve created this
environment for industry to work with
research and the research is very very
strong and you need this environment to
help your business keep up with
technology today and make successful
products that will compete and be ahead
of your customer your competitors thank

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