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Dear IEEE TEMS AdCom Candidate:

Hello, and thank you for your interest in IEEE TEMS!   I am the President of TEMS for 2017-2019, and appreciate the opportunity to share thoughts regarding my expectations for those interested in serving on our Administrative Committee.   First, let me say that engaging in TEMS is an excellent opportunity.  I have been involved in many IEEE programs and activities and at almost all, there seems to be a clear need to understand the studies, processes and practices of management.  Sometimes the word “management” is not always valued for what it means.  Depending on its use in association with innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and the phrase “getting from technical idea to product,” the definition of may be interpreted differently, and yet they all encompass “management.” This is the “golden egg” that TEMS can provide to the IEEE.

Our goals are to innovate within our own team to expand our presence, interest in TEMS, and TEMS products.  Essentially, we as TEMS are a startup, an “entrepreneur” within the IEEE to expand knowledge and interest in the TEMS Fields of Interest and grow its products and services.  Consequently, each and every person willing to serve on the TEMS AdCom must take responsibility for specific work and deliverables in addition to providing your advice. We also need your help to build a volunteer base who can help support our various committees now, and be groomed to assume more responsibilities in TEMS in the future.

Aside from membership, our key revenue areas are conferences and publications. Currently, support for conferences is our greatest need since they lead to membership, publications and interest in education. Conferences provide the opportunity for people to network, meet colleagues, learn as well as exhibit their skills.  We are in the process of establishing 3 primary TEMS owned annual conferences.  Candidates for MAL positions should consider how they may contribute in supporting conference development. Our Technical Activity Committees (TACs) are a good membership engagement opportunity and I expect you to engage in a TAC and stimulate discussions with members.  If we can establish a strong conference program, and membership engagement, then I believe TEMS will grow and be a highly desirable place to engage.

Another opportunity to help TEMS is fostering engagement with other IEEE entities so they understand the value we can offer.  Collaborative engagement with other entities within IEEE is a win-win situation for all involved, leading to better understanding, learning, and innovation.  Working together, TEMS will be a highly desirable organization with which to engage.

Again, thank you for your interest in serving on TEMS AdCom!

Michael Condry

President, 2017-2019

TEMS – 5 Focus Areas

Moving Product/Services from Idea to Market

Identifying and Implementing Successful Projects, and Systems

Integrating Technology for Capability and Productivity

Developing from Engineer to Leader

Balancing the Norms of Society, Government, and Regulators

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