Message from Andy Chen – IEEE TEMS President 2020-2021

Hi my name is Andy Chen I’m the president-elect of IEEE technology engineering management societies short for TEMS. Our society which I will be president for next two years 2020 and 2021
it’s pretty much focused on technology management and engineering management we focus a lot entrepreneurship innovations best practices helping the startup so big in the industry for last 30 years myself in a power utility company managing the technologies and engineering asset for the company I was able to bring a lot of industry respect to the society so our conference not only has paper presentations for the research done by all members we have a full days of dedicated industry forum which we bring together around 25 industry leaders and experts to talk
about different topics from different areas we have one recently in Atlanta just last week industry forum and we
focus on fourth Industrial Revolution and how the AI will change decentralization would help with industries and it was a very exciting days we had a lot of great feedback so please come and listen to some of our conferences
it’s called TEMSCON , being conferences we have them around the world in Asia,  in North America
and Europe as well thank you for listening
thank you


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TEMS – 5 Focus Areas

Moving Product/Services from Idea to Market

Identifying and Implementing Successful Projects, and Systems

Integrating Technology for Capability and Productivity

Developing from Engineer to Leader

Balancing the Norms of Society, Government, and Regulators

Message from IEEE TEMS President

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