Mark Wehde, Section Head, Mayo Clinic shares his learning on TEMS / Technology management

IEEE TEMS, TEMSCON 2019, Industry Forum <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

good morning I have with me here mark
read and mark is the second head
Technology Development Division of
engineering at Mayo Clinic
mark has been with us and speaking on a
couple of sessions if you open the mouth
already and they’re going to be still
get some more remarks which have been
very easy and very exciting some a class
Marcus opinions and perspectives on its
aspects of temps one of the questions I
have in mind
so what you cannot learn about outside
well involved
months I was really excited when I found
out about it that’s the best thing only
major societies that is the moment
engineering management and it was an
area that I have a lot of interest in
and so I was excited about finding out
that this existed and you know it’s a
it’s a great opportunity because it
brings together both industry and
academics together to help discuss some
of the problems that are going on in
ways to solve them thank you very much
that’s a very good perspective and too
impressed by that
you know impressions
now when you recommend temps to your
even your friend in the complexion of
citizens yeah no absolutely I would
recommend it I think that engineers
often focus on the technical areas and
aren’t as well skilled in some of the
soft skills around the leadership and
organizational development and so I
think that this is a really great
opportunity for engineers we want to
move into
or together
the synergy between industry people and
em except finds of these homeotic
accounts absolutely and the power of
collaboration is all that matters yes
thank you very much Mark for such
wonderful comments
look forward to hearing your remarks in
the next session in the next few minutes
and of course at the same time we hope
we can continue to build on our
yes thank you thank you very much

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