Managing a technical career – “HR leader’s perspective” by Nidhi Raina

“Managing a technical career-HR leader’s perspective” by Nidhi Raina, CEO Quoncious Technologies. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

cannot an entire team to deliver then
you are not a program manager just yet –
you need to understand what the entire
puzzle is what does your can do how to
script add value to the organization for
an organization motion in terms of
direction and how is my family
contribution in alignment with the
management direction that Wilson takes
your manager and not just coming to
office and doing your bit and doing it
well though that is still in technology
pretty cut at the end of the day every
day you are delivering on one piece of
work you don’t take other pieces of work
you don’t try to help them you don’t let
the whole car move you only worried
about you and your engine being at
finality and wondering what you are
doing in a multi-car and you’re
consistent looking out for another of
continuation which is a Ferrari which
will appreciate you for your engine but
the truth of the matter is even if you
get into a Ferrari engine there always
be other aspects to it which need to
what it and them with you and that
implies the end of the day you are a
driver whose skill shed is that he can
fix an engine but he can also put
everything else in order to get over r-e
them up and up to speed now in order to
keep this conversation simpler I want to
take a simple example that will be
fixated in your mind next time you want
to progress and you want to understand
what’s wrong I have been in positions
like yours before multiple times and I
felt that having somebody guide me or
consistently reemphasize what is it that
I need to do to get there is an
important element of how I get there the
one skill that I might have had over and
above everything else was is still to be
open and absorb this is take feedback
criticism and use all of that to move
forward and today so I want to be able
to keep that back to you the first way
to think about yourself is to think of
yourself and your organization as a tree
why because it makes very very simple
for you to remember I can do complicated
versions of it but it won’t help you now
what about the tree you as a technology
expert are the tree trunk you are very
very important to the tree there is no
doubt about that
and to understand organization sometimes
they appreciate sometimes don’t
appreciate you but the truth of the
matter is if you’re in an organization
and they pay you for it
trust me they appreciate you whether or
not they know how to express it
so first the most important thing is
understand that you’re an important
element of an organization whether this
one or any other organization that you
go to at the same time where you have to
be practical with yourself is how great
are you at what you are doing as a
technology person why is that important
it’s important because if everything
that you do in those twelve hours is not
making more great at it there is no
point you being a manager tomorrow if
you’re only just doing things to get
them done you’re going to do that as a
manager now many of you feel once they
become a manager I will be a great
manager because Andy’s amazing team
skills nobody has ever heard of but I
get people done like people or want to
talk to me they disclose their things to
me so I deserve to be a manager with the
truth is the person who’s speaking from
the tall looking from the top has a
different view of you and in that view
if you have been given ten to twelve
eight hours to do a job and you’re not
good at it there is no reason why you
will be good at any other job so first
make sure you are very very good at what
you are already putting your time and
attention it doesn’t matter whether you
love it or not because as a manager
trust me there are so many things that
you will not love so number one are you
worth your time right now how great are
you at what you are doing that’s an
important question and if you have a
paper and pen and you can you want this
to really work for you please make it
yourself on how great you are a
technology or your technical expertise
or your connect is right now second how
relevant and connected to the industry
are you so if you are a if you’re an HR
expert in a real estate organization
waste of time you need to eat you are
very very good at HR you need to be in
HR consulting firm because there you are
the most important element in there in a
real estate the most important person is
the estate
anybody who brings more estate is more
important than anybody who makes people
look for whether you are relevant in the
industry or not you might be a great AI
or artificial intelligence expert but
you are possibly say in a manufacturing
meth crashing continues it’s an
electrical company doesn’t make any
sense right so are you relevant to that
industry third where is that industry
going in are you along with it you might
be a Oracle expert but if everybody is
moving to the cloud then it’s not an as
relevant as it was earlier your
expertise is useless and therefore as a
manager you won’t be able to get in
Vegas to follow you because they will
say you’re not good at anything you’re
obsolete so first important ly figure
out where you are as a trunk are you
solid trunk or are your hollow trunk so
that’s important element number two
what are your branches now as a tech
lead or an expert you are supposed to be
80% good of technology 10% of people you
know you should be able to work in the
team and get things done 5% in
documentation 5% in everything else what
do I have smoking with your client
socializing all that it’s still 5% now
because you’re still in this bubble you
think that you’re not getting promoted
because you are not you know socializing
an app because you know you your people
both liquid you work with are not good
enough there’s so much politics but you
should really go to the job of the truth
is in this organization or any other
organization still things will stay the
same at the same time the skills that
are needed for a program manager up bay
they very different from a technical
number one you are not expected to be
80% technology you’re only expected to
with 20% technology is just one-fifth of
your job to people management increases
from 10% of just being hello hi and
people want to work with you and say
nice things about you to actually being
able to motivate and inspire people to
do get something done
sometimes being gentle sometimes being
firm sometimes being inspirational
sometimes being institutional third you
need to start playing a role in getting
the organization some money you’re at
this point you’re only using their money
to deliver a job you are like any other
plumber’ electronics sector you’re not
really adding value to the organization
and so start understanding how does this
organization how does it make money and
how can I add more money into this
department for resource management it’s
not just people but the infrastructure
that goes into it and the documentation
that goes and fit the best practices
that you will start writing for others
how can you make this department
something better because you are in it
so it’s so should each thinking as a
technology expert you are not expected
to think about strategic offerings it
often on you engage and the manager says
good things about you and you think okay
now is the time to displace this manager
but not true
because the manager has to do that a lot
more time and probably without any
appreciation or recognition till it
actually walks and brings in some new
direction things a new offering with new
customers more white papers more
proposals more thinking around what is
the next level this department can take
itself how can i improve the process how
can I improve the people in it how can I
get it to talk better how can I get them
get them to look back at what they have
done and take feedback from it right and
the last in the most important bit is
25% assessed management you might be a
great technology expert and inspire
people to use your technology or your
product your self-oriented
then you become a mansis you not only
have to grow yourself you have to grow
other people around you you not only
have to make yourself feel
good about the day you make other 20
people feel good about their day that
imply implies you have a control on your
emotions whether those are insecurities
is jealousy disabilities invisibility
politics Petra enough to make
whatever difference move being a manager
and an indispensable manager a manager
is what I told you right 20% technology
20 local people financials etc but an
indispensable manager is one that bring
value there is no point having a you
know dead tree with great trunk and all
these branches but no lays no fruits no
nothing if you are not creating any
value or outcome to the organization you
are basically useless no matter you have
a great position but you’re useless to
the organization today and there is some
portal they will let go of you so how do
you make sure that you are not just a
great manager tomorrow but an
indispensable one and you start working
on it today first in the most important
thing you will hear from someone and I
hope several told you before before
because if not this is the most
life-changing thing you will ever hear
and once you have a cost to the company
you have a hardware cost of equity which
means what they tell you a salary just
for your physical body to be present in
the organization they pay you a salary
so supposing your salary is say 6 lakhs
a year divided by 12 is about 30,000 a
month so the company is paying for your
physical presence 30,000 in salary 2,000
in electricity bills for that small desk
which you occupy one lakh is it your
manager salaries to a lab and you use n
percent of the managers terms and just
to understand what job to do today
you’re basically using one lakh of the
manager’s salary onto yourself right
that divided by 12 is about – okay you
have a laptop bill of one lakh for a
year which is 8,000 per month you have
software on your laptop that need to be
renewed every year which is 50,000 a
year divided by 12 is 4k you have a
rental they have to pay for the building
that you are in therefore for the little
chair and the little table that you own
there is a rental space which divided by
12 divided by say X amount of people
will come to about 5 to 10k a month if
you if you did a housing tomorrow a 1
BHK will be 10 50 10 to 15,000 let’s
assume it’s 5 to 8 K for a commercial
they have to spend on your health and
safety organ or make AC blah blah that
is about 5k a month free coffee food
canteen with staff etcetera is at least
one to two K a month so in overall just
to get your physical body to be made
available to them right now you have
done nothing right if you do nothing
also you are at least as a caught cost
of 80 thousand to one lakh as a fresher
or early ahead it’s like the year salary
zero to five years experience with steak
you are at 80,000 to one lakh cost to
the company already right then what is
on yeah sorry for the interruption okay
your slides are not moving are you
changing the slides at Seattle on slide
number five okay yeah now now it is
Maria did you change it was not changed
it just wanted to know that I think I
think that I wasn’t I wasn’t slide eight
no we lost your presentation please
share again
now it’s sharing now yes you’re back now
you can see the slice the slight
changing like yeah type intake slide see
can you see that how lower the silicon
say techhub is it on 60 Oh citizen six
okay now is there some six now produced
alone six month back so insecure I said
if you are a tech person you are the
tree trunk of the organization you need
to understand whether you are a hollow
tree trunk or a solid bag and for that
you need to know these three things
right how great a relevant to that
industry and where are you going are you
aligned with where every year the next
slide rakish has that change to the next
not yet not still in sixteen Kingdom
with this so now it went to Selenia them
taiga see the shearing stop now you’re
back you know you’re gonna see this okay
yes index or export we do as I said
okay right so indicate if you are moving
from of the tree trunk into branches
you need to have be moving from just in
your textbook my pokedex but and as I
shared earlier before you might have
been graded technology and people
management now you are only 20%
technology 20% people financials you
have to be have a broader understanding
of thing
the next slide I share better company an
indispensable manager and a manager you
might be great now as your manager but
the most important is be responsible and
that means adding value what is value is
your hardware cost to the company and
your software cost to the company
hardware cost as I like it plain Barton
milk that is what is the cost of just
having your physical body at the office
right the in which Isis and your salary
divided by 12 if you can compute add the
electricity cost and add the time that
you take off your managers manager and
divide that by salary at the laptops
cost at the software on the laptop
divided by 12 and the rental of the
space they might be paying the health
and safety hazard they have to pay the
various taxes the CSR then the free
coffee and the canteens aspects that you
get in consume in a day as the transport
if it all you get paid for XYZ right and
that that is the physical cost we have
to pay for you the software cost what of
them are actually much more bigger say
you produce poor quality work as a
manager type what is than me
it means you lose customers which indeed
an incoming business now because the
business hasn’t come you know like if
you’ve actually lost it by poor
performance you know what has come but
you don’t know what could have done the
didn’t come because of you to assume
that you are doing not a superbug and
the customer doesn’t come back again to
the company far move on to the customer
was a 12 lakh customer per month you are
losing one lakh to the company secondly
you might be interval to other people
negatively but consistently cribbing etc
so not only you not seen your own work
you’re actually taking every work from
other people I consciously or
unconsciously like that is about it stay
on the same as you that is about 20 to
30 thousand per month of low performance
from them right and the customers they
will end up losing third
if you’re getting other people to have
to review your work you are taking their
time of your peers as well that’s
another cost to the company if you are
not letting Rakesh can the others salute
alright forces if you’re not letting
other people do their work
that’s extra cost the company so if you
are not if you are physically present
but not doing anything your physical
presence itself is about a lakh to the
company and if you’re if you’re
demotivated it it will be influencing
people unconsciously you are costing
another one to two lakhs the company
minimum so in a month at least minimum
if there is no ripple effect three lakhs
to the company is the value you are
taking from the company every month how
do you value right if you are a
technology manager you should be able to
produce at least one X – 3 x times them
back in the future or you take in so if
they give you a salary of X plus the
other cost plus the software cost taken
many many times you should be producing
back second if you want to be a manager
you should be producing at least 3 to 5
10 with that cost if you are a
indispensable manager somebody who is
meant for fast Road and whatever
position you are in you should be
putting at least size in time table
harvesting into you this is at the end
of the day the firm the balance sheet
that the CEO looks at has lost more
financials in it as well a great adapt
to be able to I’m vice by default I’m a
people person I’d love to keep people
whether or not they’re performing how
welcome of people is one aspect of my
balance card right financials is another
and every month on month if I see that
I’m spending 2 lakhs on the person and
voluntary returns are maintenance issues
and not a lot of value from that car
I might love the car but will I keep it
will you keep it
getting started where would you start
I’d say if we want to build you up
really quickly
and I do want to because for the simple
reason that you are there on this
webinar means you deserve for sample
determine value because you are willing
to put the time and the effort into
wanting to grow so as much as you wanted
I wanted for you as well so how do I
help you grow first worst part was
taking the myths away from the
conversation first part was being tough
love telling you factually with nobody
else will and you could possibly be
going wrong and what are the various
elements that people are looking at you
strong that you don’t even know now is
building you up flowers motherly love
right so how do we do that number one as
a trunk you need to be good at work so
you have the trunk
you have the branches you have the
leaves in the fruit where do we get
added amazing thing is neither of those
if it’s traffic first then you have to
move a trunk now say you want to move
companies you rarely directories if you
built here is going to be for they’re
only 20 to 30 percent not more you think
you are this grading will go ahead and
get rep wrapping in goes as a manageable
know maybe as a technology quite
possible but as a manager when you move
the only thing movable in a tree is the
route nothing else nothing else it into
the tree as fastest route to to the root
part that you need to be working on
really run right away is yourself
manager and acting others are the most
important thing of a manager to and I
move our technology role or to a program
hunter from a program manager to an
Accounts Manager Account Manager to a
group lead group eed to a business guy
business person to education sales from
head of HR else to head of growth and
innovation to travel from that to
CCO pill cheese culture officer to the
CEO of four is pretty month in DTF so
and then now my my own organize it was
the one thing that I feel has stayed
over every other thing because
technology became less and less
important I got it changes the equity
that I built with people they became
less cotton because they left the
organization and went to other places
and I moved groups so often to grow so
how did I grow maximum if good is using
these to secure you put me anywhere in
any any position any class to client and
competence I will find a way to excel in
it because I know how to manage myself
and I know how to manage the others I
know how to be the person that they can
trust be the person who inspires them
these super to get the clear right
agenda for the team
and I in Pokhara Vantage others in terms
of picking the right people so
aggravating them encouraging them
learning from them even if I didn’t know
how to and getting them oriented towards
a direction in delivering outcomes and
that it is table root to half and that I
can dislodge in any part of the world
and start again or I won’t have a proper
to test management and managing others
is to critical skills you need to
we’re short of time man this is a big
one big topics some pepper some other
day but for now using the park within
your diary and and start working on
these that’d be a great start to we
covered two routes protector person are
you are you the right person for the
manager and you do even have a
personality or manager are you
collaborative I think I can you
co-create can you get the team to work
for you are you insecure and want
different abilities around or can you
make them feel goal even if you don’t
then that’s the route it’s just part of
it is you put at one thing can you do
anything well are you baked or are you
better get great at it secondly Knoll
organization saw you is and if your team
saw you in this have you know who’s this
guy or girl what is he or she good at
can learn one thing pop-up in activities
mind if you’re not known for that’s
problem so thirdly do you do it for no
reason it’s not economic your work and
go out you help others even if they’re
not going to help you but you
unconditionally offer your expertise to
other it helps you good because your
expertise is now tested again different
problems for free and lucky
how will you in way what you are doing
if you are great at a mainstream quote
think that was like 10 years back to in
can you become jealous it caligo your
pastor if you haven’t please get started
on these expertise or these skills
before you ask your organization or any
other organization to start looking as
you as a manager one if program max mint
how do you manage work and how do you
plan it what are the critical sessions
in there that need to happen if the
program is falling out of line
can you bring it back on board into the
cost management you will always have
less of time as a resource let people
write thousands of the people you always
feel like you never have the best
managers the best customer the best
deadlines the best documentation
requirement all that but can you still
get deliver a book of the resource
management third financials management
anybody can do something if given a
million dollars to do it anybody can do
it all in the amount potential that’s
get you that what in the amount of money
that you do not have up in your
department or unit instead of infidelity
Turkish it’s equal I have muted
everybody else other than you
okay so if if you don’t have the budget
in your identity tank rakish if you
don’t have the budget in your
organization to do some things you want
to input in shorter budget you will be
motivation to come to departments it has
less or no money and under pressure they
performed much better than this this if
they had everything else a little bit
forced managing your managers managing
your peers are you the kind of person
who does an excellent job
everything that increase not just
managing your team but also your wrath
and reputation with your peers and
manage for Borah
you need to socialize you need to better
network you need to understand where
their color from you will know the way
in which to measure and finally finding
that out they may not be the best
manager in the world they are following
a checklist you need to better
understand the checklist and if it is
against your values don’t do it but if
it is part of your values a lot of be on
that checklist sis do you need so you
know how to set direction how to how to
create strategy so if you are
operational plan you have no use beyond
a point six managing it at others you
teach that what doesn’t make that more
visible to the people around you nobody
wants an technical expert who’s not a
team player you think is amazing you
know Ferrari Parbat cannot work in
collaboration always wants to be
reaching their first
Advocaat with the knees and the top
manager is all about somebody who makes
the team look good
and finally do you produce to a tree or
are you or dead tree if you produce in
sooth are they getting returns of
investment from you as I shared earlier
they are spending at least three times
on you other than you hurry right are
you giving them returns for that and are
you working a their investment any
further investment because you want to
become a manager like a shared for a lot
of different reasons
then why they want you to become a
manager and if you’re a conversation is
aligned in your mind there are high
chances and that you will it
I think that thank you all the best like
a share the fact that you’re here and
wanting to grow is 80% of actually
getting this now 20% is actioning on
some of the things we said and I hope
you do that
rocky happening open to questions now
nan stop caring thank you for the
wonderful presentation it was indeed an
eye-opening how many of us we got know
many facts and figures today how are we
working what do we work it was a kind of
self realization for all of the
participants today you yeah having said
that participants are the chat window is
open for you to ask the queries if you
have any queries please use chat with
all option and post your query there and
easy man can read you out there or I
will read it out aloud and she can
answer if you have any queries please
start posting it in chat window we have
next five to ten minutes and by the time
you you start putting your questions we
have our temps India Chairman mr. dr.
Sood in recovery cravat he is going to
speak three words about our temps so the
lesser know Mike is values thanks
thank you so much my dear good friend
needy it was fantastic to hear you and
believe it or not I have an a4 of notice
that I’ve made for myself though have
been the industry for long I couldn’t
miss a word so I was very agitated
whenever there was a partial mute on the
line but that’s technology for you and
you started off rightly by saying while
there is technology all around us we
need technology management to be
I love the analogies that you gave right
from the tree to the fruit bearing tree
and and Ferrari and the cog in the wheel
I mean it’s amazing it helps people of
all experience level to understand very
quickly so to me technology and
technologies and management are
practically inseparable if you want to
make impact and you put it very
beautifully needy how and what to
consider and I think in the given the
short time it was a highly impactful way
of putting across what we should be
looking at rather than what I should be
expecting I think your emphasis on
action is key because we can keep
dreaming about buying a Ferrari but if
you don’t put a plan in place and act
upon it it will remain a dream and
that’s easy to do nothing it doesn’t
cost you anything today so many many
things I noted maybe I’ll just put in a
short note on on my LinkedIn or so that
can help other so didn’t join today but
I think the key point for also about one
or two I want to highlight is whether we
are good in something and how many
people know about whether what we are
good in sorry I press the mute button so
I think that is very very key while we
expect a lot of good things to come to
us I think we forget what we are
offering what are we here for what do we
what do we make ourselves to be unique
and well-known for so I think it’s a
fantastic viewpoint to take what can I
do rather than what can others do for me
and making others grow is I think is
truly important in today’s culture
because when we see
a lot of companies which media has seen
a lot in her career as well managers are
not the same as leaders you know they
have different perspectives and horizons
so again thanks so much energy for your
wonderful presentation of course a lot
of wisdom in your words I can I can see
that and we will work together and for
the rest of the folks why we will work
together is we this is organized under
the edges of technology engineering
management society and mass times
chapter of India and so it’s unlikely
play a very well-known and old society
it is important for you guys to start
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need to spend the 20 25 years she has
spent to get this wisdom and when there
are people who are know selflessly
willing to offer the guidance I think it
is up to us to believe it if you don’t
take it so I encourage you to look up I
Triple E Times website Rakesh me anybody
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of ten so they can make more such
wonderful talks and insights
Thanks near the end I will hand over to
you for your Q&A thank you the internet
thing is really lovely being there for
you you’re a lovely person and anything
I can do to help your helps your agenda
and I must say you have a lovely team
they’ve been following up for so long
for these children and I was sharing as
much as I can and loved to grow the
active users for you it’s an important
aspect an important topic any of the
right people to do it so kudos to you
and more power and taking a few
questions Rakesh and that’s okay or is
it should I you can you can please no
you want me to read it all I like you I
can I can see that I’m just going to
browse through them before I do that it
into soothing this point for one thing
like I said earlier instead you need to
look for work
in children individuals and companies
they don’t have a LinkedIn profile and
something I insist that a lot of my
folks have it if you are not visible if
you don’t have an equity if you are not
out there learning and putting yourself
out there it’s not going to be much help
to you later
especially when programs like these
happen LinkedIn is a great way for you
to let other people also know that they
should come in attend these programs and
build build that active set of people
who are consistently learning with you
because today you are interested
tomorrow you may not away and you would
need somebody’s mulch and that somebody
could become be that you head or get
there this is too quickly taking a few
questions making sure I don’t miss
anyone one minute as a manager says as a
manager sorry sensations are coming and
country huh
as a manager utilization of resources is
the most important criteria but you said
only 20% is needed in that you’re right
gel for different managers different
things might be a consideration but as a
general person who’s expected to work
across organizations Resource Management
is an operational issue you are expected
to spend six count of time doing it and
target early detection for your unit
written for your piece so which is why
I’ve given some amount of term
percentage to people strategic thinking
and financials because the resource
management is only as good as it is
creating as trading value and worry to
the organization thank you for the
question here and keep the guidance and
motivation kind of withdrew thank you
very much for being there trip drive is
enlightening with your lecture how sweet
of you sir thank you so much
thankful honestly hello Dan hello I’m
from Lake Alberta
hello I just know you guys and your
colleague mentioned somewhere about the
membership is a paid membership and
yes it is you can write to me or rakesh
within the Koscheck here we will let you
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remember depending on membership
/ great there are different discounts
applicable you can write to me and so
ginger or cow a cat I triplet or I will
guide you for this like white we are
that’s exactly our motive is we want to
have people like needy and myself to
meet people like you and your teams so
that we brought base what we have learnt
and you can have a faster learning curve
that’s precisely what we would like to
thank you so much all right
Ravinder says it generally asked in
interviews what qualities of leaders and
managers should present possess and a PR
Dean what is the best possible answer
there are senior the best possible
answer for what is leadership skills you
bring on board is either strength with
new bring boards there is no general
answer to it at the same time as a
leader important skill is being
authentic number one number two is
knowing what your strengths are and also
knowing what your next type if the
others can put on mute then I can
actually register Rakesh chemicals Emily
all right
so Raj will need to answer your question
you got to know yourself as a leadership
skills those rattled ions in things on
the internet won’t won’t be of much use
you have to figure out who you are what
your strengths are also what your
weaknesses are and be able to
authentically state both of them I think
what people don’t understand is that
weakness is also a strength and don’t
shy away from sharing those
you really talk made me realize how many
managers English Trust is important that
truth reparative should we opt non-core
companies or not for job as an
electrical engineering fresh we opted
non coal country I think as an
electrical engineering pressure pro now
you the whole world is your landscape
right now you learnt one skill and if
you think you’re great at it continue
using it if not continue upgrading
yourself to whatever skills you feel you
eventually want your education is
important and it might we have being
done but your knowledge dissemination is
not done continue learning and opting
for experiences for an encore job or not
job that actually helps you grow please
do not look after positions and fame and
money right now now is the time to
really experiment with what you have
learnt it so take the risk now you can
you have a good engineering background
to enjoy some of the risk-taking
privileges Solem interested in product
based companies solar if you’re
interested impact product based company
you need to do a little bit of research
but trust me like I said many of the
organizations when they recruit are
looking for the root skills and by root
skills I mean if you are the right
person the right attitude you want to
grow you are a go-getter you get things
done and that is visible in the actions
that you have taken to learn about that
new product or learn about skills around
that product they will take
and if they don’t continue having these
forums like I totally to enjoy so the
app thing are the skills that you might
need in order to pivot from a technical
to a product based or I’m going to try
and go faster on this so for me how I
should be in the working environment
please as a working my environment be a
professional and by that I mean how just
because you are an employee does not
mean you’re a professional a
professional is somebody who gets things
done who does them to the best of his
ability has less excuses and more work
and works as a team player at some of
the things if you feel that you were a
person who fits well move and gets
things done
you might you might be moving from an
employee to being professional as good
enough in a workplace to start with
Sabich says how long should I do the job
to build a good experience so we don’t
worry about experience a lot of the
organizations are beginning to move away
from the old culture of technical term
knows company maybe thigh hip knee Delta
goes product automatic ah they are not
interested in that anymore so please
work on building the order and if you’re
an expert and you’re willing to grow
either in that organization or somewhere
else feel free to move and grow yourself
there don’t give back by how it looks on
your resume resume is just a paper end
of the day they will look at you and
then hire you not your paper needle just
under transition all right thank you for
me I’m McQueen please write to me on my
email id region or that rakish Thank You
Manju now I think that’s it thank you
there are no more questions thanks to be
the Rohini Rakesh thank you so much for
all the you know fire stopping
appreciate you Nell done thanks for
watching more like I said showing up is
80% of the fact that you deserve to be a
manager please continue on this journey
engaged Thank You needy for sparing your
time on Sunday thanks a lot man welcome
how can I contact
– Cathy cuke I’m on LinkedIn you can
message me there and I’m generally happy
to answer questions there it’s on my own
time I will give you a challenge
anything is as fast as you can be so if
you can beat her speed you are already
there thank you go to school
okay oh thank you for you have it thanks
for your patience they kept on calling
you untimely thanks for talking your day
thanks Stella and I like my views driven
to thank you thank you thank you
everyone have a good Sunday bye bye
thank you thank you right what’s our
question somebody spoke from Kolkata if
I can get your email id sir it would be
easy for me to contact the check box
what I fell agenda semi not what are you
going to give it to my mom it’s better
you can you can end the meeting no you
can leave the meeting I am looking for
the person who spoke from Kolkata can I
get his email id not get your name so if
you are still online can you ping me I
mentioned my email id
I already did


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