Leadership and Management of People and Organizations

LinkedIn Discussion Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12071397

Chair: Leslie Martinich – lmartinich@ieee.org
Vice Chair: Mark Wehde – wehde.mark@mayo.edu

The Leadership and Management of People and Organizations (LMPO) Technical Activity Committee is convened to help members increase their leadership capabilities. This may include discussions involving, though not limited to, written and verbal communication, listening, motivation of self and staff, effective delegation of responsibilities, authenticity, accountability, agility, empathy, culture, ethics, and commitment. Additionally, we will consider topics such as strategic planning, technology forecasting, technology roadmaps, balanced scorecards, staffing and recruiting, diversity and inclusion initiatives, innovation, change management, and other topics relevant to the effective management of an organization.

As a member of this group you will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing online discussions, to attend webinars on specific topics, to contribute to sessions and workshops at conferences, and to publish articles in the various TEMS journals.

Join this Technical Activity Committee if you wish to engage and contribute to TEMS along this line of interest. We will be looking for interesting discussions, networking, conference engagement, publications and other activities; with a focus on results. More information on TACs in general can be found on the overview and details of the TACs web pages.

To join please email Leslie Martinich or Mark Wehde.