Industry forum – WTC, Bangalore, India

TEMS’ 2nd Industry Forum Bangalore 2019

The era of technology disruption is obvious by now. But the ability to use it for the overall good for humanity to create happiness and wealth is the role of businesses. The connection between technology and business is key to success in this era of fast-paced transformation in almost every traditional business segment.

IEEE TEMS Industry Forum 2019
To be successful in this environment it is imperative to learn faster, collaborate smarter within and outside organizations. The TEMS Industry Forum Bangalore is designed to be a platform for practicing technology professionals across verticals, business leaders responsible for topline and bottom-line, tech center heads moving away from cost center and on their way to become value centers. Research and Industry has another opportunity where Technologists, researchers, educators and students can interact with industry leaders.

There are multiple exciting avenues to collaborate and learn, from ideas, concepts, Innovation to product, Product & project management, Start-ups, government funded programs, and most importantly case studies of how several companies have been able to get it all right.  This brings the needs of industry into the fore and opens doors for researchers to engage with industry.

In this event we have speakers and panelists who have done it, and will share their experiences in technology management, right from inception to market leadership, innovation, implementation & product management, competence management, etc. Various implementations and case studies would be discussed and will be shared by industry leaders in these areas.

The TEMS Industry Forum is a signature event for the TEMSCON conference series around the world. Industry Forum invites industry leaders to speak on technology and engineering directions along with technology management challenges.
THEME: Future of Technology

– Future of Human Resources and Workplace
– Future of Technology Integration.
– Future of Innovation and Intrapreneurship.
– Future of Entrepreneurship and Start-ups.
– Future of Society and Technology.
– Future of Technology(R&D) centers in India <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>


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