IEEE TEMS Presidents (2022-23) Message – Global, Nimble and Sustainable

It’s my pleasure and honour to write to you as the newly elected President of IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (2022-23). I wish to personally thank all of you for this opportunity and make a commitment to contribute to my best capabilities.

I take pride in being part of this esteemed society which is in its 71st year of formation. There have been three key milestones, which I want all of us to be aware of:

  • 1951 – Formation of Engineering Management Society (EMS)
  • 2007 – Transitioning to Technology Management Council (TMC)
  • 2015 – The new society avatar of Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS)

The last 5 years journey is very much like a startup, moving towards defining a new value proposition. We did very well to establish the results financially and to create a sustainable society (Thanks to the efforts of the leadership over the last years). The next 5 years is one of scaling up and making an impact on the IEEE communities grooming “Leaders Enabling Projects/Services Success For Good”, as visioned by our tagline.

Apart from the business, as usual, I wish to focus on six key initiatives which will form the cornerstone of strategy for next years.

  1. Recording history of TEMS: Knowing and appreciating all the achievements from past leaders will motivate us to set new directions.
  2. Engaging students: Getting students to understand and appreciate the management aspects of technology will help them in their careers and forge a stronger relationship with the society
  3. Going global: membership is global, but the value is local. We want to strengthen and empower section chapters and student chapters to bring in the engagement at all levels. Diversity and inclusivity will be our focus as we expand.
  4. Leadership pipeline: Several eminent professionals have volunteered and led the society in these years, but going forward we are looking at defined succession plans and creating a pipeline of new leaders who get groomed for leadership roles
  5. Awards and Recognition: We will initiate new awards for leaders and experts in TEMS areas of interest and provide a platform for recognizing talent and innovations
  6. Create new revenue streams and strengthen existing finances through new products in publications, education, conferences, and an enhanced member base.

If you have any suggestions, ideas which you want the team to pursue; do let us know with this link. We want to act fast and implement your suggestions in 2022 to the extent possible.

Any leader is as good as the team, I am privileged to have an eminent Board of Governors and Executive leadership. As we scale up, we need more volunteer leaders to join this journey and contribute. I want to ask each one of you from the TEMS membership to contribute in the ways and means possible for you. If interested do submit a short form to give your details and we will come back soon.

Over 25 years of volunteering with IEEE, I learnt that; the “purpose of volunteering is to give, not to gain”. My biggest takeaway is the ability to work together with people with diverse and complementary skill sets and lead organizations without formal structure to achieve amazing results.

If you are yet to renew your TEMS membership, do it now and join us in this journey: JOIN TEMS

Looking forward to working with you all as we chart newer directions.

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Best Regards

Ravikiran Annaswamy

IEEE TEMS President ( 2022-23)

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