Getting Your Sleep Right: Asanas, Meditation & Breathing Techniques

“Sudakshna Thampi is a wellness expert based in Kochi, Kerala.
She is a certified yoga instructor from the prestigious Samyak Yoga Institute, which is considered
one of the best institutes in the world and is located in the yoga capital of India- Mysore. She
specializes in Hatha yoga & Yin Yoga. Yoga for Sudakshna is not mere asanas, it is the entire
philosophy of yoga – a healthy mind in a healthy body.

She conducts a yoga program on Manorama News Channel called the morning show which has a
wide viewership. She teaches group classes, corporate classes, and takes personal wellness session.
Her meditation classes are most sought after by people from all walks of life. She has been training the
contestants of Miss Asia, Miss South India, and the likes year after year.
Sudakhsna’s goal is to help people become healthy – body, mind, and spirit, she believes that only
then, can this world become a better place. For Sudakshna, It starts from within.”

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