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In 2012 the Technology Management Council’s Board of Governors approved the inclusion of the Management Portfolios in EMR: short articles from 600 to 1,200 words related to

  • Managing Technical Professionals – Tuna Tarim
  • Innovation – Gerard (Gus) Gaynor
  • Organizational Interfaces – Felix Lustenberger
  • Project Management – Celia Desmond
  • Management of Technology – Scott Cunningham, Wil Thissen, George Papachristos

In 2014 EMR added two additional topics and changed the Management Portfolios to The Technology and Engineering Managers Notebook:

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship

In 2015 EMR added

  • A section for the Young Professionals with an inclusion of two articles per issue focusing on the needs of the YPs and edited by Sohaib Qamar- Sheikh
  • A section on Reflections on Managing: as examples:
    1. What Other Disciplines Can Teach Us
    2. The hot button issues
    3. Share your experiences with your TEMS colleagues.

    We can learn from other discipline and industries if we choose to look: Henry Ford came up with the first automated auto assembly line after visiting a slaughter house in Chicago.

Our efforts will continue to provide you with the best from what’s printed in engineering and technology management and the personal comments from our authors of The Technology and Engineering Managers Notebook.


Each quarterly issue of EMR brings articles of general interest to our readers that crosscut many different industries, technologies, and geographic locations. Here is a typical Table of Contents:

  • Technology Managers Notebook
  • From the Young Professionals
  • Reflections on Managing
  • Beating the ODDs When You Launch a New Venture
  • Leveraging Innovation Today for Tomorrow’s Company
  • Engineering Leadership Development Programs
  • Inner Work Life: Understanding the Subtext of Business Performance
  • The Backroom Effect of Retail Operations
  • Process Flexibility Design in Unbalanced Networks
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Contextualizing entrepreneurial innovation
  • Dynamic Pricing of Sustainable Products
  • Optimizing Your Digital Business Model
  • How To Outsource Product Development And Build Great Products
  • Revisiting Complexity in the Digital Age

The EMR allows you to gain a broader perspective of what it means to manage engineering and technology. As organizations begin to introduce smart technologies, the roles of technology specialists and the managers of engineering and technology management are changing: both groups need to recognize that interdisciplinary systems’ thinking becomes the new competence.

Business conditions make new demands on all of us in management positions and also for those who serve as upper level professional specialists; the interrelationships become more complicated as organizations expand geographically; the choice of technologies becomes more complex as organizations invest in technological research; and as global competition has increased the challenges required to stay ahead of the game. The EMR, through its choice of articles, starts you on the journey for effective management of Engineering and technology,

We value your input. Please contact the EMR Editor-in-Chief with your suggestions and comments at (g.gaynor@ieee.org).

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