IEEE MSS SAC & TEMS India Webinar on ‘E-Mobility’

IEEE MSS SAC and IEEE TEMS India will host its fourth Webinar of the Series on ‘E Mobility’. The Webinar will be on 16 March 2020, 04:00 PM onwards. The Webinar will be delivered by Mr. Ravikiran Annaswamy, CEO at Numocity Technologies, Bangalore

If you look at the prevailing trends in the industry nowadays, most of them have one common denominator: going green. The increasing awareness about saving the planet from various environmental threats has caused even the largest industries to take notice and take a stand so they can contribute to the initiative instead of making matters worse.

The automotive industry has certainly been getting a lot of flak in recent decades for being one of the primary contributors to environmental degradation, particularly in air pollution. We have been seeing efforts from the automobile manufacturers in trying to address this issue, and one of their moves is to produce more environment-friendly vehicles. Electric cars are seen to be one of the best solutions, and this spurred the introduction of electric mobility – or e-mobility – technologies.

Electric mobility, or Electro Mobility, or E-Mobility for short, is not a new concept. In fact, e-mobility technologies had started taking root in the automotive industry as early as 15 or so years ago. Simply put, e-mobility refers to the development of electric-powered or electronic drive trains and moving away from the traditional vehicle design that makes use of fossil fuels and oils. It encompasses fully electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Even vehicles that make use of hydrogen fuel are included in the classification.

The main goal of e-mobility is to produce more environment-friendly and efficient vehicles that also happen to meet new regulatory requirements set by governments and other law-setting bodes.

This Webinar will cover the basics of E-Mobility and the position of India becoming a Green Energy nation.

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