Digital Technologies and Analytics

Digitization and analytics are transforming industries and value chains in very fundamental ways. While the Internet and mobile technologies transformed commerce and business practices in many industries, this transformation is accelerating in profound ways with the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), sentient technologies and, the use of algorithms and data analytics. Information and intelligence are now core components of products and processes, creating opportunities for rethinking the nature of engagement with customers, business partners and the structures of value networks. Industries are being radically transformed through new products, services and business models that exploit the emerging information and communication technologies, the digital infrastructures, and the digital enablement of physical goods and facilities.

This department focuses on research that aims to understand economic, technological, organizational, managerial and social aspects of digital technologies and analytics. Theoretical, empirical and experimental research aimed at understanding digitization and its implications for commerce is appropriate. Design science research that encompasses system building and validation are also appropriate for this department.

Example of topics that fit this department include:

  • Industry transformation through digitization and analytics
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Economics of IoT
  • Evidence-based management
  • Big data, managerial cognition and behaviors
  • Digital aspects of marketing and consumer behavior
  • Digital aspects of supply chain management and value networks
  • Infrastructure issues for inter-enterprise integration, analytics
  • Governance of value networks
  • Economics of electronic commerce
  • Design of electronic marketplaces
  • Economic models of electronic marketplaces
  • Social computing and their role in business
  • Diffusion, adoption and acceptance of internet technologies, sentiment technologies, IoT, analytics
  • Policy issues for digital technologies, sentiment technologies and analytics
  • Creation, evolution, acceptance and use of digital technology standards, IoT standards
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