Insights on how to convert a product idea into a business

Thursday, October 22, 2020 8:00 am
Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)


Dr. Osvaldo Buccafusca,
Founder and Managing Director,
Basement Zero


High Tech entrepreneurship is becoming an important means to introduce new knowledge and
technologies to society. There are a number of great success stories, but there are also a large number
of companies unable to create a sustainable business. In my experience, the journey to take each new
idea to market is unique and very dependent on the product, the target market and the entrepreneurs’
capabilities. Entrepreneurs are faced with particular challenges and multiple options to resolve them.
There are studies of successful approaches, but none of them can guarantee success. Still, there are
approaches that can reduce the risk of failure, which are not always implemented.
This talk will outline the process of converting an idea into a product and the challenges to
create a sustainable business based on that product. I will also present an overview of tools and
methodologies which I have found useful to minimize risk.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Buccafusca has 30-year experience in the high technology field, 20 of those in innovative
product development and manufacturing. During his career, he contributed in multiple fields such as
optoelectronics, RF, test and measurement, semiconductors and MEMS; some of those contributions
generated original publications or intellectual property in the form of patents and trade secrets. He also
led multifunctional teams developing state of the art products and managed programs focused on
process improvement and quality control. One of his preferred roles was as technical executive,
providing technical guidance, analyzing product competitiveness and strategic business opportunities.
Now retired, he founded Basement Zero LLC to provide technical and strategic business advice based on
his comprehensive experience.

Dr. Buccafusca has been always involved with the local community. He served as chairman of
the Northern Colorado section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and
volunteers in university-sponsored entrepreneurship and business programs. In addition, he is a lead
advisor for the Innosphere Ventures SAGE group and a grant reviewer for the Colorado Office of
Economic Development and International Trade.

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