Chris Hotchkiss , Vice President, Intel Corp speaks about AI, Blockchain and more

IEEE TEMS, TEMSCON 2019, Industry Forum <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

good morning I have with me here their
first Hotchkis and we’ve just recently a
few moments of awkwardness remarks on
artificial intelligence and perspectives
and yes I really enjoyed the discussion
on blockchain the fourth Industrial
Revolution I think until recently I
hadn’t really studied it and looked into
that but the conference and the panel
session and hearing from the experts
made me realize that the values that’s
going to bring society and change things
in the medical industry and how we use
it to learn as a society in a more
secure and private way there will be
challenges with anything but I really
learned a lot about that topic
and was was insightful to me you know
being in a computer industry
we provide the computer horsepower
that’s the backbone for it and it’s an
exciting time and with anything left we
carefully move forward to address some
concerns of the privacy and security but
it’s definitely enlightening and
thought-provoking I think what I would
like to continue to see attends and I
saw settlement this year was it you know
engineers and leaders and managers from
industry continued to play a part and
participate with academia and students I
think it makes it really a real
experience and more applied sort of
information gathering as well as
networking and I love this event this
year with a few more colleagues that I
would have
that I want to state test with that can
help move you move us off forward in a
good direction whether it’s for
financial and business reasons or just
society that’s also enlightening and
such talk to working moms and very
inspiring opportunity so that means me
to the next question
would you be able to recommend temps to
your PhD employees and your business
backgrounds or absolutely I think that a
good opportunity not just to submit
papers and be involved from the
perspective of communicating and sharing
their knowledge and research and
application with others but I also think
it provides an opportunities to learn
and participating in one of these events
you you you get to getting a network of
other colleagues that have similar
interests and Annamma firm believer that
when you surround yourself with other
other people that you
and have someone adjust you had great
breakthroughs and innovations that are
that are quite exciting and we’ll move
this forward thank you once again and in
a futuristic perspective well I I guess
I wouldn’t continue to have you know
participation from different areas of
expertise bring in not just the project
management and technical aspects and
innovation ideas but also look at the
how we work together than the people
aspects I think when you look back at
being into teams and projects that have
been successful really changing
something a lot of NASA people how they
interact and work together
in a positive way so maybe some more
some more articles and papers focusing
on the people and the importance of that
people play in transforming and bringing
innovations to my thing
Oh wonderful that’s a very good
perspective of bringing the human
element and a human component into
whatever is happening going on around us
thank you very much

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