Call for papers: Open innovation and social product development


Call for papers: Open innovation and social product development

Potential topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

•     Methods for efficient extraction of customer knowledge from diverse market segments and online communities.

•     Management approaches for capitalizing on and protecting breakthrough ideas that emerge from outside of an organization.

•     Design and realignment of business models to support external knowledge activities.

•     Factors that lead to the failure of open innovation or social product development programs.

•     Strategies, including models and frameworks, for uniting internal R&D programs with external programs, such as crowdsourcing activities.

•     Lessons learnt from successful and failed open innovation or social product development implementations.

Submission Process:

Please prepare the manuscript according to IEEE-TEM’s guidelines ( and submit to the journal’s Manuscript Central site ( Please clearly state in your cover letter that the submission is for this special issue.


Interested authors should send abstracts by September 30th 2018

Decisions on acceptance of abstracts by Nov 30th 2018

Papers submitted by July 31st 2019

Dr Richard Evans, Westminster Business School, University of Westminster,

Prof Dirk Schaefer, Division of Industrial Design, School of Engineering, University of Liverpool,

Open innovation is now widely adopted by large organisations and has been extensively studied since its introduction in 2003 by academics, practitioners and strategists. Questions still exist, however, in relation to how to best introduce, manage and adopt open innovation and social product development initiatives to ensure that manufacturing organisations secure the greatest value from external knowledge flows and successfully use them across their organisational boundaries. Open innovation and social product development practices should also enable manufacturers to identify new markets and new product categories, in addition to increasing the number of products created. The purpose of this special issue, therefore, is to spur and develop research into the use of open innovation and social product development in innovative product development settings.

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