Call for papers: Modeling & Simulation in Disaster & Emergency Management


Call for papers: Modeling & Simulation in Disaster & Emergency Management: Planning, Strategy Formulation, Decision-Making, and Training

Prof. Adriano Solis, York University, Canada,

Dr. Leorey Marquez, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (Australia),

Prof. Agostino Bruzzone, University of Genoa (Italy),

Disaster & Emergency Management is a critical concern for all sectors – all levels of government, global organizations (e.g., the United Nations and its various agencies), non-governmental organizations, and manufacturing and service industries. The recent groundbreaking rise of Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions has given rise to a new human-computer interaction technology that allows actual users to experience a high sense of perception and immersion for training purposes as well as to be supported in decision-making and policy formation.

Novel contributions on Disaster and Emergency Management are welcome, including:

•     Disaster Prevention or Mitigation,

•     Emergency Response,

•     Safety Engineering,

•     Industry 4.0,

•     Industrial Engineering,

•     Modeling & Simulation,

•     Geographic Information Systems,

•     Decision Support Systems,

•     Virtual and Augmented Reality,

•     Training Systems,

•     Human Behavior in Emergencies,

•     Policy/Strategy Formulation

•     Decision Making

Submission Process:

Please prepare the manuscript according to IEEE-TEM’s guidelines ( submit  the journal’s Manuscript Central site ( Please clearly state in the cover letter that the submission is for this special issue.


Interested authors send full paper by February 28th 2019

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