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Call for Papers – How Technology Can Build Resilience to Achieve a Sustainable World: Overcoming Challenges for Humanity to Fight Global Outbreaks

Editors :

Prof. Juan Pineiro-Chousa, Santiago de Compostela University,
Prof. José Manuel Guaita Martinez, Valencian International University,
Prof. Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano, University of Valencia,

Suggested topics are, but not limited to:

Digital transformation of sustainable organizations.
Blockchain technology.
Business innovation networks.
Multiple-criteria decision-making (MCDM) analysis.
Artificial intelligence.
Innovation, technology, and sustainable development.
Creativity, knowledge, and new entrepreneurial models.
Education and university model transformation.
Social connections and social distancing (working-from-home, etc.)
Economic, social, environmental, and psychological impacts.
Financial market behavior.
Case studies (healthcare, financial, environmental, etc.)

Submission Process: 

Please prepare the manuscript according to IEEE-TEMS guidelines and submit to the journal’s Manuscript Central site ( Please clearly state in the cover letter that the submission is for this special issue.


Papers will be evaluated on a rolling basis.   Initial Deadline is July 2021.
Tentative Publication scheduled for 2023-24

Technological advances can help us to design and build computing solutions. This offers resilient and effective ways to find high-quality service solutions aligned with organizational strategy and the necessary global economic growth. Undoubtedly, technological advances can be used to guarantee that economic growth is achieved through strategies focused on sustainable development capable of avoiding or mitigating the negative effects of new epidemics and pandemics both globally and locally. 

Therefore, at this point, it is increasingly important to anticipate technical and practical challenges to identify experience-based best practices that show how to enhance the connections between the social sphere of health and the economic and technological domains under the prism of sustainability. The occurrence of global epidemics or pandemics, the intensity of their impact, and the resilience of the socioeconomic and ecological systems to these events are intrinsically linked to the connectivity between technological, social, and economic processes. 

This special issue provides and an operational and technical perspective. It is dedicated to the challenge of technological innovation in a disruptive world, where industrial sectors must change to adapt to the new global economic situation and fully focus on sustainable development.

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