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Building your springboard: An awesome resume

The challenge of life, I have found, is to build a resume that doesn’t simply tell a story about what you want to be, but it’s a story about who you want to be-Oprah Winfrey.

A resume is a brief written summary of a job applicant’s past employment history (if any), education, and other pertinent information. It is a bridge between the individual and the prospective recruiter. Hence the importance of a resume can never be underestimated. So, to make the first impression, it is of vital importance that your resume stands out from the crowd first. It is always up to an individual how they want to be remembered by the hiring manager. Since companies do not have that much amount of time to interview each and every candidate, they go through the resumes from candidate to select the best ones to work with them.

Rejection happens, and it goes on and on until they find something interesting in one particular resume. This is the time when a well-structured, clean and precise resume plays its part.
To curate a well groomed resume, there are some do’s and don’ts. Aisha Nazia, ConnectEcho Talents Labs, addressed the participants on “Building your springboard: An awesome resume” which was held on 24 Jan, 2020 at 7pm. With four years of experience in various fields in multiple roles, she has her experience in resumes, well framed for the fresher’s for the industry. The session began with basic information like what is a resume, why do we need it, types of different resumes and the most important, how to groom a resume.

The speaker highlighted about the gradual increase in the competition everywhere. She added that it requires special skillsets and well written resume to stand out and be the best in the lot.

Most of the participants were graduate students of final/pre-final year. It was an informative session for them, as the speaker gave multiple examples which they can easily relate to. There were close to 25 participants, who got the benefit of the session. The session ended with a friendly note to contact her if the students needed help in updating or creating a resume.

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Hello? Good evening. People is members. Forty one. Can someone please replay your man?
Okay, thank you. Hi. Good evening. Everyone. My name is Rakesh. Kerney. I’m a secretary for India team. I welcome you. All to the first event by AI to play Cynthia in twenty.
Well, first of all wishing you all a very happy New Year today. We have one of our energetic and enthusiastic team member named. Welcome myself.
Thank you. Thank you. I is basically a mechanical engineering graduate from Kayla. She started her career with India, and was there first a couple of years then move to it talks.
She stayed there for four years from them. She had been part of many different companies, like, etcetera.
She is naturally inclined towards sports,
football and basketball and because of which he was actively participating in the organizing committee of India’s first under seventeen people worker,
which was organized in two thousand and seventeen.
And also,
in India,
India games in two thousand,
she is currently working in labs and she’s also Co,
founder of start change doc today,
she has many roles to be played in and she’s playing multiple DOS currently.
The major of which is she takes care of women in engineering division of welcome, sir. It’s all yours. Now, you can take over Thank you for the introduction and a warm.
Welcome to all of you who have taken this time out to come and listen to this. I really hope that the next one is going to be productive and some kind of information that I can pass to.
You will really help you in what you’re looking forward. So I will share a screen and start away with the PPT.
So that we get a little space in terms of any, because the whole concept of building a resume, which is what I’m going to talk today is very subjective from person to person.
whatever I’m going to gather during this webinar is just to help you guys frame what exactly you need to do then these are the set of wireframe guidelines beyond,
which you need to become very subjective to who you are as a professional,
and then take things forward.
Can you guys see my screen? Yes. Yeah.
So, like, we’ve already told the whole webinar about building your spring board and awesome that you made, because without you brain building up your own personal brand, it’s very difficult to go outside.
I’m sure you would have seen the gradual increase in the competition that’s been happening. Like, if you talk to your parents, you would’ve understood that in the times, even getting a sixty percent mark with, like, a big deal. But today we are in a very competitive world.
Where us being at the cutting edge of what we are doing has become very important. Otherwise we just lose ourselves in the crowd. And then it’s very difficult to get video as prior to become.
You might just becoming another engineer,
you know,
what accompany so that you made is all about how you create your personal brand and how you portray yourself as the professional compared to the other people around you and go beyond.
Just being.
What’s written in your to me or just to start off with some creative diapers interpreting the background skills and accomplishments is what we that frankly,
what all of us know,
like any,
I mean,
any sector technology management,
research training,
or even if you are a volunteer into volunteering these days.
In all the cases, you may pretty much explain, like, in one sheet of paper, what you are. Exactly. What what is your experience and what are you up to?
as simple as that see resumes used when you’re securing a new employment other than that,
I don’t think in the current scenario,
we really need a resume unless you’re not knocking somebody’s opportunity evening just to give you a Friday fact,
that earlier Debbie key,
which all of,
you know,
in credited to have first ever,
assuming of the world but he’s the one who started this whole to me that we will talk about for the next.
We’re not. So, and what it was in the form of a letter that was written to his potential employer, another artist.
So going forward, there are basically two kinds of assets that you can portray as what the other is called passion.
The reason why I have a picture of food there is because I wanted to bring into your context that pretty much your resume should be like a food code.
Like, it should have multiple sets of who you are, not just about your education as an engineer or not just about your profession working as a software engineer in a company. It should be beyond that there has to be highlights of you as a person.
If you check the conventional way of how, as you made the base, you will pretty much see that. There is a very generic template where people write their ten, great, their twelve grade, Mark, their engineering degree scores.
And then they add that,
you know,
and after that section,
they just write any internships or any placement I mean,
placement rights that they’ve attended,
or what are the offers that we have in hand and then pretty much some skillset you right about the medals that you’ve scored and sports you write about the extracurricular activities and context that you have participated,
but it’s pretty much in the but to be,
it has to be a mixture of professions.
You’re considering that you are going to phase the world that pretty much is very casual. These things like.
If you really look at how industries growing things are becoming very flexible employee wellness, giving the right space for people to work is what? Companies focus today.
Like, most companies have taken off barriers, like, wearing cotton suit and ties to work.
You can even wear a short, so that whole sensitive change, because people believe that an individual is beyond a particular profession more, you know, since passion towards working for something.
So just giving you an understanding that educational codification your experience is one hundred percent requirement by default? Yeah, I just sorry for the interruption. Are you sharing your presentation?
Because the screen is still closer?
Oh, yes I’m hearing my presentation by the time. I actually I have some do’s and don’ts for all of you.
Please if you have any queries, please drop them in a chat box and please make sure that you’re on mute throughout the, the session. No. No. Noise or not yet.
Can you see now? Nope. Okay. We will proceed in the first two slide.
No, no, no, it was just the one paper which okay.
And guys, if you, if you’re not able to hear anything in between decision, please end the meeting and rejoin again, but make sure that you are joining in mute.
Can you see now that it is loading? I think so. Create out screen.
Has it come?
Can you see it?
No, not yet.
Right about now, because it’s completely safe that my laptop is already reviewing the screen that is being shown.
It’s, it’s great on screen on the sale viewing application, which is great. Is there any who’s able to see the presentation?
No nobody able to see your presentation one second. Yeah, I’ll stop and I’ll start one. It’s more. Yeah, that’s better.
Let’s fit for a few minutes. She’s joining again.
I show your own video. Yeah.
I’m just trying to connect. Yep.
And you see, now, yes, we can see now, I show you a few days on. Yeah, I got it one second. Hello?
Yeah, so I hope everybody can see the PPD now. Yes. Yes. This was the first light. Sorry that it didn’t come.
And I, what I was talking about the whole rescue may, and the first rescue may fun fact and all of that.
And this is what I was covering that, you know, these days the rescue may supposed to be more beyond just, you know, portraying your profession will definitely have education qualifications that you have experience.
And also by default it should have extracurricular activities. Or when I say activity needed necessarily be sport, but anything that proves that you are a good professional or team leader, a good group player, etc.
That is the ones that are gonna gonna gain you brownie points. Because anybody who’s applying for an employment by default has the first, two, which is educational qualification and your experience of what you are.
So, just because we are under the banner of has something called lab. I wanted to bring into the context of that here because all of us pay a certain amount of money.
That goes to either pay for a wailing services from them of which I believe that human life has been a very good, a platform for me.
At least when I was in my undergrad, because it really helped me understand what are the different templates because otherwise what happens in colleges that it’s pretty much one guy comes up with the resume template.
And everybody’s copied that once the placement is there.
But nobody things out of it, or the maximum that we would do, will be go to a Google search result and then just build it as you may based on. What’s shown there?
I believe as you may lab is just beyond making rescue may like, it gives you a variety of options like it lets you make.
It has a different template, depending on the sector, depending on your work experience stage, depending on which department you fall into. Also.
It has options to write letters because today beyond a few minutes about how you present your cover letter, have you write a welcome note to your employer? All of that really matters and hence they have that option.
Also you can create a portfolio of your work also.
Using they have skill assessment tests, similar to the ones that we find on LinkedIn like LinkedIn recently recently as in seven to eight months back, launch something called skill assessment.
If I have I’ve put that I know Microsoft excel at once.
Then, LinkedIn has prepared, which if I clear LinkedIn gets me a tag that I’m a certified for link assessment, you know, cleared and when it comes to, you know, Microsoft Excel advance. So, it’s similar to that.
I probably also has some skills assessment that you can take. So, that, that can be added to your experience as a unique skill.
They also have more interview platforms where you can give them what kind of an employer are you going to save and be able to raise questions for you.
Also, like most of you would see is the, you know, the the scene I went today is mostly the age of talks and YouTube videos and the industry that we are currently living in.
Especially when you talk about startups, a video rescue may really help that you don’t even have to write down, like, a one a four sheet with all the details.
Just a one minute video rescue may makes a lot of the industry today as you may lab. Also gives you the option to create now.
What is very important on your that you may is what you’re recording yeah. Yeah. Can can you go to a few?
Can everybody’s stay on mute please.
Yeah, so what I wanted to highlight, otherwise is that I’m sure that everybody was listening to me now pretty much knows how to make a rescue me.
Now, what’s important is you may being unique this you beyond what you are it’s like a wildcard entry to the interview.
An employer pretty much spends thirty to forty five seconds looking at the risks you made. That’s why you would’ve noticed that these days.
It is advice that the rescue me the one sheet, or let’s say one page rescue made because they don’t have the time or the bandwidth to glance through multiple pages.
But that doesn’t mean that,
you know,
you tweak in your whole auto,
do that one page because currently,
when I was doing a placement drive for my company,
some colleges in and around Bangalore,
I happened to notice that it is one page because we have kept a restriction like that,
but it pretty much had everything it had the gold medal that he’s gotten back in when he was in sixth grade to his B tech scores.
So you don’t have to fit in everything into it. You should be able to prioritize what is important.
your resume should give an employer an understanding of how flexible you are as a person,
how much of cross functional you have when it comes to knowledge,
you cannot just say that,
I only know JavaScript or you cannot just say that I can only work on this particular,
or let’s say reservation when it comes to mechanical engineering.
Or, like, now, it’s very important that you have the skillset to juggle between multiple.
The third thing is how spontaneous you are in terms of, you know, maybe organizing an event, or doing a webinar or, you know, taking something in your in your college.
Because the moment you play,
as a team leader context becomes really important,
it should also portray right communication skills.
You will write things. Like my English vocabulary is good. I’m very good at writing, but these are all your interpersonal skills exactly.
Talk about a professional and the professionals we would want to get into our company is based on your interpersonal skills because by default today, if you have to get into a very good company, you must know English.
You must be very good in terms of communication. So, you don’t have to highlight that, like, those are, like, by default basics like, how we say that, if you have to get into a cause it’s by default, understood that you have to pass your ten and twelve grade.
So you don’t waste space writing I’m a very good communicator. I have great English writing skills, and all of that. Instead you have to focus on things.
Like, you are a team player, you handle the team of two hundred people during a marathon, or you have conducted a workshop under the banner of in your college these are, like, it portrayed as an individual beyond your profession.
you should be able to also put straight on the paper how much time and energy you quit doing engineering,
two thousand and sixteen or two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and eighteen,
but we’re going forward in terms of power
juggling multiple things,
Sorry to interrupt it would be great if all you keep your laptops or mobile phones on mute because otherwise it’s really difficult. Go ahead talking about. Yeah.
Yeah, so sorry for the interruption. So just to continue another major thing that the industry today, is it high demand out of travel that is involved to work?
I’m sure all of, you would have seen this and, you know, if you follow your seniors or if you follow some of your school seniors on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, you will see the amount of travel. Most of the people today working.
Do no matter you work for an Accenture or enforcer no matter you work for a startup no matter you work for a,
every young employees expected to travel more,
considering that most of us are bachelors,
or most of us have lesser responsibilities when compared to other middle managers and about so,
the amount of travel that involves work doesn’t mean that you can take it easy.
You should be able to do both of it and showing that you have exposure traveling outside your own home city is very important.
Like, if you right that you have gone to attend a conference in indoor, or do you have gone to attend an event in Mumbai that really changes the whole perspective of who you are?
Because that goes beyond your locality, beyond your college, and also to a new, you know, please like, even if it would have been to the event, it’s very important.
These days that people really want to know how much you have explored yourselves in terms of traveling, going to a new city doing something. They’re attending an event that.
Similarly, I don’t know how many of you have it to do list. No matter how much technology the week was to do. List is a must for everybody’s life that you will not feel the need of it. Today.
If you’re an engineering student, or if you have just passed out of college and started a work routine, that’s because there’s something structured for you.
But the moment you escalate on those ladders there will be multiple things for you to keep track of and no one’s brain.
Is a supercomputer, so then having a to do list and getting into that habit, like, you need and actually eat it down in a diary. But there are applications like any dot do. There is Microsoft notebook.
There is if you’re using an Android or an iPhone,
you you might have to do list inside your phone is that so,
even if they have the same things that we need to,
that you can I just I know that
yeah the same in person goes on mute please remove it before I interrupt and cut.
Yes, that will be taken. Yeah, thank you.
So, like, I was seeing a to do list is very important because if you’re reporting to a particular manager, and if he has assigned certain tasks today, more than completing it, they also want to see what the progress is.
So, that becomes a vital part of who you are as a professional. And also, like I said, earlier, communication skills, your availability, twenty, four, seven, twenty seven doesn’t mean that you are actually a week, twenty, four, seven.
But is the response time that you take to certain, you know, communicative indications, external or internal, and also the whole calendar system that comes into your, like, you should know what’s happening next week.
You should know when the board meetings are or you should know what’s happening. In your call isn’t becoming one month and plan your life around it. So basically these are some quick point is I had to give you these are some screenshots I’ve taken from my ears.
You may like I have mentioned, these are the different services they provide, which is, you can build a rescue. You can who can make for you.
You can also and it, they also have a feature called. You can create your own website. I’m sure all of you would have noticed at least because you’re an, that most of our.
Seniors and today have a website for now, our website doesn’t mean that you have to be a company you can be your own personal brand, it can have your blog. It can have the different work that you have. Do. It can have a work gallery of images.
That you have gone on conferences that you’ve attended people that you have met a review of what you want to write about different events, like, even developing that whole website in your four years of engineering life is really gonna make a difference.
Imagine you walking to an employer and seeing that you have a website of your own,
and you have written a report on every single event that you have attended,
or you have written a list of every single conversation you have had with the startup founder,
or an fellow or any of that not.
So, that makes a lot of difference in who you are as a person and these are things just be on your resume what your resume will carry will be just the link of that website.
Similarly, the second probability I can repeat that.
Yeah, so the second and third screens pretty much is about the different templates that they have and how you can segregate based on the department that you work like, by default. They help you come up with, you know, responsibilities that you’ve taken care.
What your course is covered so it pretty much makes your life easy just to start off as you may. Lab is the perfect platform to keep pushing the base.
And then you can always pull in a lot of creativity, or maybe uniqueness on how you want.
If you made,
I remember and something that is very important otherwise is that you cannot use Banderas,
you may to apply to ten jobs.
I don’t know how many of you are planning to do that, but that’s the first thing you should not do because of your target. Audience is different.
Your resume is also supposed to be different, like, take the very simple case that if you’re applying to a startup, then you may have to be different when, compared to you applying to an Accenture or an Infosys or TCs.
So your target audience, like a very relevant point, which most of us miss, or let’s say, when I was in my engineering school, nobody even told me about that. Like, I had one single resume, which I used to send it to everybody.
Like, be denied, replay, role, be a professional organization that’s come, like, even to a polo tyres, even to India, or even to Indian Navy the rescue man was the same. So that’s one thing that you need to be very careful that your resume should have multiple versions.
Depending on who you are applying to,
it’s on the nature of the employer,
and the size of the company like,
if you’re applying for a startup,
which is twenty or thirty member,
then your rescue may has to be very engaging in terms of how much you can contribute in the growth of that company,
but you don’t have to write the same thing for a DCs or an influences because they have already grown up your contributions really won’t matter to a level that it is helping the company’s vision and mission.
So, that is one reason why, the target audience and the rescue me version, you know, directly proportional and to have multiple versions of it. Second, this data gathering. Like, I told you, your resume should not become autobiography.
That I’ve stopped writing my ten and twelve grades anymore. Because if we take my highest education, or if it goes from, say, what in school is my highest education. I will only write that.
Because by default, I know that if I have to get reports from, I should have a, you know, undergrad and I also should have a school degree with the intent to help your undergrad. And your masters. I agree is very important.
So, that people get the context of what your undergrad education was, and your master education was.
But your tenth and twelfth grade math really doesn’t matter unless you’re applying to a very conventional government organization where we really wanna gauge you how you performed in your school. But even if you don’t write it, trust me, nobody’s going to judge you on that.
If your engineering scores really make it work. So, you’ll have to gather all the data that have all the medals that you’re when all the, you know, certificates that you have all the events that you have participated.
I don’t even know how many if you have a list or some Google document, which says how many events that you have attended or how many webinar have you completed that? This might sound very silly.
When I tell you, like, I felt the same and many people told me this and I wasn’t college, but then really matters. Because tomorrow, if you have to say that, I have attended hundred or even I know a hundred because I have a count of it.
So, on your account of it really doesn’t. So the whole data gathering needs to be done.
every single thing about you,
I think you have to write down,
let him write that most important thing doesn’t mean that you put all your paper.
But all about,
and how you want,
put in order like your education,
your experience,
or your unique fact that today finding the inside that’s how can we make language?
One number yeah.
So there’s some kind of disturbance when you click for a minute learning cabinets.
I’m not able to point,
who’s it please mute yourself because it is really disturbing all the other participants who says I can just send out because I don’t have any other option,
but it’s showing that everybody’s in.
Yeah, sure. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
So, like, I was seeing the whole target audience, data gathering and understanding what’s important goes first and the SWOT analysis. Like, I came to know about what SWAT analysis is when I was in my second year of college.
Like, it’s very important that as an individual I’ll get you as you may forget to you are as a professional, but understanding what your strengths are in terms of, in terms of personal attributes, understanding your weakness, your opportunities and your thread.
All of you please make sure that you go ahead.
What’s what analysis is and try to see how much you can do like, how much you can fill us what analysis stable and help you put things on your resume. So doing that is very important and.
So doing, that is very important and I’m sure that will really help you and that is really help. You keep your resume a little different from what oh, you copy paste will look like.
And there are a few things that I’ve written on the side like, you know, it’s a chance for you to embrace whatever you write or the. This is very important because this is one single time. Like, what happens.
Now, this is because of the huge competition. Sometimes you don’t even go beyond the resume, like, take the case of the company that I work currently we are a big startup so we have built a source engine. Excuse me?
We have built a search engine that can rank your resume and then decide whether we have to take you for the, for the next round or not. It’s not even a human being who’s reading it? It’s an engine based on machine learning in NLP.
That is waiting out your rescue May and telling us that this is good. I will do is not good. So it is, it is very important that you address.
You may have the capacity to but things clear even a should be able to understand and able to rank you among a hundred other applicants. Similarly, you’re putting light to the best things in your life.
You don’t have to write hundred achievements, but even if you write things made sure that those are the top ten things in your life, and also position yourself for success. You have to really show the growth.
You cannot simply right that I became the women in engineering lead one. Fine morning. There there is a progress to what has happened.
You would have been a volunteer you’d have been taking up a position in your colleges be from there. You would have taken something in your section and that’s how you keep going.
So that whole progress will let people understand, you know, what you are as a person, and how you have given focus to your carrier and your partner, you know, to what, you know, the success that you’re looking at. Also.
Like I said earlier, gaining a competitive edge is very important because otherwise you would just one among the hundred. Like, if you really want to differentiate to be that one unique person, then it needs to have something. That is very unique about you though.
I said everybody should have a to do list or everybody should do a SWAT analysis. I’m sure that after this webinar, maybe some twenty percent of you do it the rest of the eighty percent. We’ll plan to do it tomorrow. Mr.
then it becomes sixty percent doing it day after tomorrow,
but even that twenty percent,
who does it today is a unique set because they’ve already done it’s something earlier than other and also improving your,
if you feel that what the job that you are applying for requires a particular set of skill set,
let’s take the case of a startup,
which is building a product,
and they are using a particular tech stack to build it then make sure that you read more about it you understand what it is and then also right.
What your contribution to.
That particular startup can be, like I said earlier, or right what are your tech stack abilities? You know, when compared to that particular startup, you can write it for your abilities as basic, intermediate or advanced, depending on who you are. Exactly.
You cannot just, you know, block here because there are that will happen after they see your resume. And that would be a bad disappointment when you do that.
So you can see, like, I’ve seen a lot of resumes, which looks very much, you know, inflated the moment. I see it. I know it’s inflated.
I know it’s all blown up stories and trust me somebody like recruiter who sees around fifty two hundred resumes every day for that person to sport and inflated rescue.
May only take, say, like, ten to fifteen seconds, and these are top complains regarding resumes. Like, I found this randomly out of Google.
Like, if you look at it, the major mistakes that people worldwide, like, this is a worldwide, this is a part of a LinkedIn survey that was done across the globe.
And what they say is the major kind of mistakes that you find is grammatical and spelling. It is, this is not because you don’t know English, but the problem here is no matter how good we are, what we are. If we are writing something, it’s always better to get it.
Proofread by somebody is.
Because you are writing it, you read a ten million times, you get so used to those lines that now, you know, what it is so you might not be the actual errors. Proofreading becomes very important with the kind of statistics that we see here.
And the second thing is overly Wordy and not concise like, you know, some people right that I did that. I did this. I do that. And so, the whole sentences about multiple things that even if I’m reading it, I might just get confused on. What are you did?
You have to be so concise of what you did, if you did digital marketing for, and even just like digital marketing, you don’t need to write them. I took care of all the social media platforms, like Instagram, like Facebook, like Twitter.
So you don’t have to be that elaborate like people who are reading your resume are also knowledgeable people. So you can be concise. And the other point that you will see no focus.
Like, I told you earlier, you should be able to portray you as somebody who’s followed a path to reach where you are, or wants to follow up to where you want to reach. So, either you say present or you talk about your past.
All you talk about the future that you want to be, but it has to be a journey and people should be able to see that. And another thing is no objective of poorly worded. Like, there has to be an objective.
Like, if you ask me to write about myself in two sentences, I should be able to write it.
And the two sentence pretty much should talk about everything I am as a professional everything. I’m as an engineer everything I’m a sports enthusiast, auto enthusiast, or whatever I want to show myself outside. Similarly, is irrelevant.
Info, irrelevant info. Like, I told you, you don’t need to write that you’ve got a gold medal when you were in sixth grade for a badminton game. So, like, it’s also about what you really wanna show like, if they’re not interested to know about your back million, then please don’t write about it.
So, if that those are not your top ten achievements then. It’s okay and it’s completely fine to just not write it. And go ahead with whatever you have unprofessional looking rescue me.
I don’t know how many of you give importance to formatting or writing different forms. Like there is a header and there is a body text.
Now, if your header test text is not bold and your body text is both then by default, it is a bad looking rescue me. So, like, basics of using a Microsoft word is formatting your document in a way that it looks good.
It doesn’t mean you have to use rainbow colors. It doesn’t mean you have to use cursive writing phone. It doesn’t mean it should have animations, but I’m just seeing a proper word document written in a very good form.
Like, let’s say, an ADL or a Times, new Roman, or, let’s say a come for tower essentially, but in a very legit way that I can read it say for size eleven, twelve.
Minimum is what is more important, so focusing on, that is really important the length of the resume I’ve been telling that since slide one is very important that it cannot cross one page because nobody has the time to flip a page.
Like, that’s all and certain other categories, which you might differ from person to person. I’ve seen that you may have the name of the father is seen because he just copied it from his friend. So these are situations that we face every day.
So these are certain dos and don’ts like,
if you ask me,
what is the DOS do think of your sq me as an advertisement of your qualification and not your autobiography like,
I’ve told you,
this multiple times do begin each bullet point with a I don’t know,
how many of you focus on that like,
starting the whole sentence with the verb makes it sound like you are not laughing and you’ve really done work.
It’s the difference between action speaks louder than words. So if you start, it’s pretty much understood that.
You know, it is like, you have done something to that also do include paid and unpaid experiences to demonstrate the range of what you have done.
So, in an Indian context, and unpaid will be a volunteering experience, and a paid will be an internship or, let’s say, a work experience that you have, you know, gathered during your internship time or something.
So you have to really segregate that and show them that you have both visits.
And you have volunteer when you had extra time so, that pretty much expense you as a professional also. Sure. Reader why you are a good match for a particular job.
Now, this is the reason why I said you have, you should have multiple versions of a resume, because one resume cannot really help you for a particular job.
Like, you have to make sure that you tell them that you are the right match for that job, and that you cannot be used for another company telling that I’m a right fit there. Also.
Also, like I said, earlier to make several risks, you may each one targeting a particular field use reverse chronology, which is like, the basics and I’m sure all of, you know, that the latest goes on the top and the last one was at the back do format.
Your resumes clearly make sure there are no intends. There is proper line. Spacing.
You use bold,
only when required you on the line,
only when required you use colors at the minimum like,
don’t make it look like a rainbow poster and also do proofread many times and also by a third party,
even if you proofreading ten times a third person reading,
it will really help also do remember that most employers will be taking a look at your resume only for fifteen to thirty seconds.
So make sure that at a single LANCE people know, I think some things to judge you as a professional and certain don’t don’t make the reader dig for information. Like, it shouldn’t be like, you have written a one big paragraph of three thousand words. And now I need to figure out.
What you have done there in that company also don’t tell everything that you have ever done. Very simple. Just keep it your highlight points. Don’t use complete sentences. Like like I told earlier it is not essay writing. You just need to use a work.
See, what you’ve done and that’s all. Don’t use, don’t include personal information. Like, I don’t know how many of them have told you this, considering that the whole feminism, the gender equality, the race equality inclusion that we are talking today.
I don’t see most resumes reflect that. Somebody might be a feminist outside. Somebody might be a inclusion social activist outside, but still in there if you made the right their age their right their gender their right.
Their marital status health status. Like, I’m not even joking. I’ve seen people write their health status, which is totally pointless. So you don’t have to write any of this. Nowadays.
You don’t even have to tell the gender because no company can actually ask you for gender as for the government roles. Then don’t make resumes too dense or look very busy and not even cute. I don’t put my reason.
I don’t put pink, flashy ribbons, coming out of it. Don’t use a fund, which is smaller than ten because that’s the minimum of a single, short reading.
No matter how superhuman somebody is and also don’t use fancy phones, which is hard to read because not everybody is a artist.
And now that I’ve told you so much about this,
you may like,
this latest,
my like,
I’m going to contradict myself where I’m going to say that if you have,
a proper LinkedIn profile,
you don’t need to have a resume unless you’re going for an offline interview in your college for a placement where you need to produce a resume,
because they don’t have a laptop in front of them,
or they haven’t connected with you earlier.
I totally agree. But otherwise, even if somebody asks you for a, you should be so confident that copying your LinkedIn public you are and sending that on an email to them just does the job.
Because Linden pretty much has every single section that I talked to you earlier about, you can put your education there. You can put your Max. Then you can put your experience. You can write about what you’ve done in the companies. You can write about the different licenses and certificates that you’ve got.
You can write about your volunteering experiences and also you can take assessments on the skillset that you taken. It also give you option to give references and also take references.
So, if a platform, like LinkedIn is giving you all of that, I totally understand that in the current scenario, we don’t need to have this to me. Like, for example, I’m just going to show you my LinkedIn profile.
Not a good book. Well, we agree on that.
I’m just going to show you my LinkedIn page not very great,
but at least,
you know,
some notion into what it looks like,
keep a very good photo of your face looking straight into the camera.
I’ve seen photos where you’re sitting with ten people. Please don’t put that on your LinkedIn profile, because I don’t have the time to sit in identify. Who are you out of that? With just reading your name it’s impossible for me to find out. Who are you out of that?
Then, considering that these days names of Soviet that I can’t even identify whether you or a boy. So make sure of it. You know, focus is on your face and identifies you as a person.
And at least recent by at least one year. Like, I’ve seen people who are thirty five putting a photo from their college days, where I see the person in real and I’m like, are you the same person on your LinkedIn? That is really unacceptable?
Put yeah sorry to interrupt. I so your LinkedIn profile is not visible so, again, the cradle screen. Okay Wednesday? Yeah.
Can you see it now? Yeah, no, no, it is. This one.
Yeah, so make sure that you put a very clear photo your context. Like, I’ve written technology, talents, sports, inclusion, engineering, and sustainable. That’s all. It’s pretty much every single thing that I do my location.
And then, when you go down in the about section, you really need to write what you are in, like, a very small manner. Like I’ve written.
I’m an engineer buy data and operations specialist by profession workaholic, hustler, people’s person, football, enthusiast, adventure, seeker, culture, vulture, Wunderlist and a believer of spontaneity by fashion.
Like, I’ve just used a short set of words, but I’ve pretty much written everything about me. So, that, you know, whoever reads it can judge it according to whatever way they want and when you keep going down, it is very good. That you write articles. needn’t be.
That you become a very amazing writer. You don’t need to be one. Like I said, like, if you’re gone for a night, even just use that picture, that I’m sure you would have clicked one pitcher at least use that feature. Right? Something about what you felt going for that event.
Just make sure that your activity is good enough to let people know, you know, you are a very social person, in your experience. You can write the different companies that you work for the different roles that you work.
Like I said, like, in if I’ve been a member for seven years, in five months, it’s important for me to tell how I started, like, no matter how small it is. So, that whole, you know.
Pedigree helps people to understand the growth. Similarly you can put your education.
You can put your scores volunteering experiences, skills and endorsements, recommendations, accomplishments, in terms of language organization, test scores, and also an interest that really matters like, who I follow also defined who I am.
This is, like, how my digital footprint is on the Internet tomorrow.
If you go type yourself,
how many of you have typed your own names on the Google search bar and click enter and see what comes on different tabs,
like image,
or let’s say video or Google Maps and seeing what the Google is trying to show you maybe be so fascinating for you to understand that your all over the place like anybody not era.
It’s all over the place on the Internet. You have to simply type your name on Google and see where all Google is trying to find you. So, that is very important.
like I said,
you know,
having a great rescue May is not a must,
but having a oh,
can you see my Rakesh just yeah.
So having a LinkedIn LinkedIn provide is way more important than having a resume.
Like, there are days that I today, when somebody asked me for my resume, I openly with full confidence, tell them that this is my link. Then you added whatever you’re looking for is available there.
But then I cannot just do, and, like, you know, without proper things done, like, take the case of my college, my college does not even have a LinkedIn page, which is a shame. And it’s not that I randomly studied in some, you know, X, Y, Z, college.
I studied in one of the top five engineering colleges in gala, but that is another thing that you can do as an member talk to your principal, talk to your administration at your colleagues, make sure they create a LinkedIn page.
So that tomorrow, when you add that to your LinkedIn profile, it makes like, there is a logo. There is something written about the college. The people also get a context of, you know, which college you study.
like I said,
we all come down to LinkedIn,
which is very important and this images,
just to tell you that your skill set really matter if I’m this first elephant,
then if you are the second elephant trust me,
you’re the one who’s going to get the job it’s as simple as that and,
I told you,
there are multiple data options like,
you know,
there’s things like,
there’s Wikipedia,
there’s platforms,
by Jose Vimeo,
Khan Academy,
and you do all of these channels.
Like, I don’t know if you will, like.
How many of you have even opened Khan Academy is like a big question that I have,
but these are portals,
which will help you get a lot of data like it might be a two month goes a three month goes or multiple options of what you can gain as data,
and you can use channels like Facebook,
Instagram and WhatsApp and Google.
Plus all of us use that to connect personal manner to gain knowledge and also communicate with people.
making the right connection and networking with the right set of people is really important,
and I understand that the core basics of and we’re fortunate to,
you know,
get it via an organization like I,
and also,
this whole thing that I keep telling people that,
you know,
there was this law it says degree of separation between you,
and a random person six times,
like six human beings,
but just imagine that in our rivers and consider that as a degree of connection.
If you really want to reach to say Mr. more, it’s not a big task, like, just things that, before you reach the six person, it is more like you talk to your principal of the college.
The principal of the college, let’s say, knows the education minister the education minister knows the deep in the sand the chief minister knows more. It’s simple. That doesn’t mean that tomorrow you need a selfie with him.
You would take selfie, but it’s that in case, if you have something valid and worth it reaching a random person is just a matter of six people in between. That’s all like, that’s a very generic rule.
I’m just telling you the different things that has happened in my life so that I can show you how much a pedigree is worth.
I started my professional choice of who to work for from and means innovation and entrepreneurship development sales that used to function in colleges.
In KTLA, so these are the two choices I made as an engineering student, but these two choices in my resume may really made difference to the different logos that you see down today, which I can put in my pedigree because these are the different organizations.
These are the different companies that I’ve worked for, I consult for, or I have volunteered for.
So, if I can put across these many logos on my resume, then I don’t even have to writer rescue me, like, just showing this page will be good enough for them to understand what my capacities is. Like.
I don’t even have to mention what capacity work because if somebody’s able to reach out to various sectors, like this technology, this sports in it, there’s community building in it.
There’s even in it and there’s mechanical engineering in it. This product management in.
So, if you are able to show up pedigree of how you have worked, or where you are going to work, or, what is your college activities like, then that is what it like that makes you work as an individual and also making digital footprints.
It is not about you putting a photo on Instagram, but if you’re getting featured and say.
And I replay page, then putting that link on your rescue matters, or putting that on your LinkedIn mater today. Like, if you see if you go to com and search, then this is going to come.
So, I don’t need to write about what I have done for football, but I can just put that link and it’s self explanatory.
So, making sure that whatever is available on the Internet, you put it across on your resume as a link, which people can click and validate because simply writing English is like, nobody can judge whether you’re blocking or whether. It’s correct.
But if you actually put a link, and if somebody can click and go see a YouTube video or go, you know, check out a website and see your contributions there, then you’re validating it. Right? The whole point.
Why, it’s very important to have an online resume and just to close my whole note. Like, I keep saying this to everybody I made that those who can they just do it?
Those who can do more, they volunteer and that’s the whole joy of volunteering that we all love being. And I really hope that this was helpful.
I’m opening the session to question answers, depending on if you had any instances where you felt you want that help in making your resumes and just to give you a general note that if all of you have rescued, you know, certain doubts.
So, certain, if you need me to review review your resume, also, you can always write back to me. My email ID is available with any he can pass it to all of you. And you can always write to me and send it to me. And I can give you whatever possible feedback.
So, again, in order to make it better.
So, thank you part of the webinar.
I’m looking forward to answering a few of your questions in the time that we have and I really hope that,
you know,
to some extent,
I could do justice to,
you know,
explaining to you how exactly.
Or if you make and do good for you as well as, you know, you don’t need to have a resume in just have a LinkedIn account. So it’s up to you to decide now. And I’ve just kept it open to all of you. Thanks. So that was a great session.
Thank you guys, if you have any questions please drop it in the chat box, you have an option called chat with all you can drop your questions there.
I say your own review I saw your voice is not audible. No, I’m fine with it. I’ve just kept it open. Okay. That’s good. Okay.
Any questions I cannot see anything in the chat window yeah, I’m waiting to somebody to type. Yes.
Okay, guys, we’ll be waiting for the questions.
Meanwhile, I’ll give you a little information about what is, is one of those societies and right banner which gives you best of both technical and management words.
Okay, so you want to be, you want to be an engineer, but you have good management skills. So you you will be called as an engineering manager in general.
So this is the society basically holds those kind of skills and supports the leadership in through your professional life. We have a many social media pages.
We are active on LinkedIn. We have a Facebook page.
we also have a YouTube channel called if you guys can visit it,
it would be great all the webinars,
all the activities,
which are done on the right banner will be posted there on the YouTube channel and also you can visit hyphen for more details on items,
I have posted my email ID in the chat window if you have any queries regarding membership or any kind of events like this please right to.
Yes, so if anybody has any questions, I’ll put across my email ID also on the. That’d be great. Please. So, that, you know, you know, people can write down. And also, I’m sure that just listening to this.
Webinar is not going to do a lot of difference. Unless they don’t sit and try to do, you know, on their own on how to build, or assuming, I mean, questions will arise then so like, if if it’s good to wind up, then I’m fine.
I don’t want to keep people holding on a Friday night. I understand once one thing to all participants here is, if you’re a student, do you have a good news that you have a discount on temps membership?
If you if you people use a code, you can save forty percent when you drive you get to know the code. If you write to me about, if you have anything about time.
So, if you have any doubts regarding your resume, you’re right to me, you get to know what it is on. I think there are no questions to be taken.
Yeah. Yeah, I have put my email ID. I would request them to write to me. They have any query advice all good wishing.
All of them are happy New year, and a good year ahead in terms of becoming what there is heading to.
And I really hope that all of them go try and make your resumes and make sure that it doesn’t look like the one that will meet their classmate has need. Yeah.
So that’s it thanks a lot for your time. And thank you all for participating nothing. Excuse me? Yes please. Yeah, sir.
Actually, I have asked a question to yeah, you can about that to me on an email forward that because that has nothing to do with the session that was taken.
So you can definitely write about that to me on my email ID that put across. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks.
Thank you. People. Yep, thank you. Have a nice day. Everyone’s my really.

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