Anouk Kendall, President, Decentralized Energy Canada

IEEE TEMS, TEMSCON 2019, Industry Forum <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

who is the president of decentralized
energy Canada she comes all the way from
from Calgary in Canada to Atlanta for
this conference man and that’s really
very impressive and we heard her remarks
a few moments ago and this implies in
fact in the fourth Industrial Revolution
that were very successful
so I’d like to ask a few questions
relating to perceptions and one of the
first questions I have for you alone is
what would you have learnt from tennis
what you perceived about X answers with
technology and
Society of light beneath mm-hmm and I
was not aware of Thames before this
event I wasn’t aware that I took we had
an energy and an engineering management
Society and I think that’s a valuable
valuable society to add to the hardcore
electrical and energy engineering
aspects of the society I didn’t know
about the tamlin’s con and this is I
guess your third year doing the event
and I’m very impressed with the quality
of speakers and the diversity of the
speakers and and the tie-in with
engineering and industry thank you
and so that’s so very inspiring and
appreciate your first connection with
Thames this year would you recommend
Thames to your needs and the Suzuki is a
yeah absolutely I recommend it to anyone
since that is the sector that I’m in I
think it’s a great opportunity for
engineers and business professionals and
industrial executives to actually cross
collaborate and some information
dissemination technology transfer I
think it’s very important to have both
the engineers and the non engineers in
the room discussing opportunities in
this space and of course with so much
disruption and transformation happening
in the energy space with digitalization
electrification and decentralization I
think Thames is a very important hub for
discussion and technologies on
management processes and even I heard a
lot on the ethical issues related with
artificial intelligence and some of the
other digitalization themes that are
that are getting more common in the
power sector so I would absolutely
recommend it to anybody who’s needing a
broader picture of what market
intelligence is available in for
electrical engineers and energy
engineers and and for the industry that
needs to be tying closely together with
those engineers as well and work
together that’s a very interesting
direction you have suggested and I can
see that your suggestion is thinking
forward to pull down the barriers
between disciplines different
disciplines and how we can build bridges
I think that’s a very important aspect
of Thames and we are certainly
interested in pursuing that aspect so
what would you like to know more from
Thames and in a futuristic perspective
whatever expectations and what direction
so I think partnerships with other
industry associations and other
societies outside of I Triple E is is
critical for your future success to
different networks and access to
experience and skill sets I would highly
recommend having some more brokered
matchmaking to allow people at the event
to develop new business development
opportunities with each other instead of
free-flowing networking sessions like
having some taking some time to figure
out who’s in attendance and then putting
people together that could potentially
work together maybe you have someone
attending the conference that’s working
on a smart grid or somebody who’s
working on artificial intelligence to
optimize energy storage and renewables
can you can you put that project
developer together with some of the
engineers and experts and artificial
intelligence like we had in that panel
with tufi and Steven and Chris Hodge
kisum and if you can if you can put
those together and say that your project
needs these technologies to be
game-changing and to compete in the
global markets and I think that would be
tremendously valuable for towns as a
matchmaker getting the engineers and
industry working together on real
and coming to this event in Detroit

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