A brief report on Dr.Michael Condry’s visit to Ramaiah Institute of Technology – 12/5/2019

Dr. Michael Condry is the current president of IEEE TEMS (Technology and Engineering Management society). An interactive session with the RIT IEEE students was organised in ESB board room from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.

Dr. Condry presented about his current work in the field of Personal Diagnostic Market which is estimated to be half a trillion USD market. He emphasized on the design of home devices to detect selected symptoms and early detection of almost any condition to enable faster and effective treatment. He emphasized on the needs of consumer focused devices combining well established sensors into mobile or watches and connecting it to the cloud for further processing and diagnosis. His also spoke about his associations with ClinicAI, a developer of at-home toilet monitor to detect colorectal cancer.

Followed by his talk, Dr.N Sriraam presented about the various works implemented so far at RIT in the department of Medical Electronics with the involvement of IEEE student members. The works include development of an interface for easy fundus image capture using a mobile phone, vein imaging using IR LED to detect veins for medicine administration in the aged people, development of a wearable PPG sensor along with a live demonstration, the success of IEEE foundation grant received for the development and awareness spreading of 3D printing technology and the detecting breathing patterns to understand and validate the effectiveness of Pranayama. The interaction was quite successful and Dr. Condry expressed his desire for future collaboration in the field of Digital Healthcare with RIT. Dr. Condry also visited the Center for Imaging Technologies the first Center of Excellence of RIT aimed at developing unique imaging solutions based on clinicians needs.

Interactive session:

CIT visit             

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