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2021 TEMS Elections

In 2021 we will be electing 5 Members-at-Large for the Board of Governors, along with 4 officer positions:  President-Elect and 3 Vice Presidents:  Conferences, Education, and Publications.

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The forums do provide the expectations for each role. Regarding the officers a brief summary is as follows:

  • The President-Elect is a critical commitment to lead the Society. This has a 2 year role of evolving the Society strategy and documents including bylaws and constitution but it is followed by a 2 year role as president and another 2 year roles as Past President. Thus, it is really a 6-year commitment. Application form
  • The VP of Conferences has a significant role to evolve conference programs as well as their impacts on other areas of the society such as membership and publications. Conferences are a critical value proposition to any IEEE Society and TEMS events include Industry Forum to bridge the needs of technical management into Industry.  Application form
  • The VP of Education is a new position as a TEMS officer to establish a strong education program for TEMS.  Technical management skills are greatly needed in the industry and this is a great opportunity for TEMS. <link to VP Education form>
  • Publications are critical for TEMS.  Our program has become strong thanks to good leadership and is central to success of TEMS.  A VP Publications is needed to continue the excellent work that has been established thus far and provide for our members professional needs. Maintaining and growing this program is critical.   Application form

Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) Members-at-Large (MaL) is a position of senior leadership in TEMS. Candidates are expected to engage in the growth and development in at least one of the 4 areas of Membership, Conferences, Publications and Technical Activities.  Currently, we need MaLs that are experienced in IEEE Conference management and Technical Activities.  The MaL application form is here and it is due June 11, 2021.

The forms describe the responsibilities of each officer position. While it is a good practice to select officers from prior MaL leaders both the newness and size of TEMS allows us to expand this to the TEMS membership for consideration.

In filling out the associated forms please be brief and focus on what you will be doing for the society. Summarize your experiences in a manner that supports focus. Please do not just attach a CV or Vita, it will not help your opportunity to be selected. Being precise and to the point is the most effective way of presenting your case.

All candidates send their completed form to Please focus on the needs of the society and how you plan to address them. If you need additional information, please request from

Candidates with applicable qualifications will be contacted via a conference call or email requests with the committee members for an interview and questions.

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