2020 Board of Governors

Technology & Engineering Management Society – 2020

Board of Governors
Andy Chen
President - 2020-2021
Andy ChenPresident - 2020-2021
Neil Sahota
President-Elect - 2022-2023
Neil SahotaPresident-Elect - 2022-2023
Michael Condry
Past President - 2017-2019
Michael CondryPast President - 2017-2019
Brendan Galbraith
ExCom - VP Technical Activities
Brendan GalbraithExCom - VP Technical Activities
Ravikiran Annaswamy
ExCom - VP Membership, Marketing & Communications
Ravikiran AnnaswamyExCom - VP Membership, Marketing & Communications
Gerard (Gus) Gaynor
ExCom - VP Publications
Gerard (Gus) GaynorExCom - VP Publications
Dilip Kotak
ExCom - Treasurer
Dilip KotakExCom - Treasurer
Joanne Wong
ExCom - Secretary
Joanne WongExCom - Secretary
Michael Andrews
Member at Large
Michael AndrewsMember at Large
Marina Daibec
Member at Large
Marina DaibecMember at Large
Robert Dent
Member at Large
Robert DentMember at Large
Richard Evans
Member at Large
Richard EvansMember at Large
Gustavo Giannattasio
Member at Large
Gustavo GiannattasioMember at Large
Jason Hui
Member at Large
Jason HuiMember at Large
Sudeendra Koushik
Sudeendra KoushikMAL+ TEMS EIC- TEMS Leader
Tariq Samad
Tariq Samad
Mark Wehde
Member at Large
Mark WehdeMember at Large
Tugrul Daim
Chair IEEE TEMS Global Technical Program Development Committee and TEMS EIC -Transactions on Engineering Management
Tugrul DaimChair IEEE TEMS Global Technical Program Development Committee and TEMS EIC -Transactions on Engineering Management
Joe Sarkis
TEMS EIC - Engineering Management Review
Joe SarkisTEMS EIC - Engineering Management Review
Bill Marshall
Conference Treasurer 2020
Bill MarshallConference Treasurer 2020
Vishwas Jois
Webmaster & Young professional representative
Vishwas JoisWebmaster & Young professional representative
Robert Bierwolf
Chair, Business Development Committee & VP Conferences (Interim)
Robert BierwolfChair, Business Development Committee & VP Conferences (Interim)
Vacant position
ExCom - VP Conferences
Vacant positionExCom - VP Conferences

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