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2019 TEMS Society and Leadership Vision

Over the past three years the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) changed the scope in its publications, conferences, and technical activities. I’d like to focus my comments on the efforts your leadership team has put forth to strengthen the conference portfolio to enhance member engagement.  

I will examine our progress and our vision of how TEMS will be shaping in the future and bringing benefits to our members.   Remember our tagline is “People Enabling Product/Service Success” that in a nutshell this encompasses the technologies and practices that enable product development, or in simple terms, take a technical idea and create a successful product.

Let’s start with our three main conference series; this is your opportunity to participate in an exchange of issues related to managing engineering and technology.

  • The International Conference of the IEEE Technology Society (TEMSCON, our flagship event, has been based in North America that offers our flagship event. We’d like to see you in Atlanta, Georgia from June 12-14.
  • The International Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TEMS-ISIE) began in 2018 in Beijing and this year meets in Hangzhou, October 24-26. This event focuses on topics of international interest but with an Asian focus.
  • The International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship (ICTE) will begin in April 2020 being held in Bologna, Italy.  Like TEMS-ISIE it has international interest but a particular focus on European topics.
  • The Society will host an Industry Forum day in Bangalore on December 6-8, 2019.

TEMS has established a format for these conferences to attract members from academia and industry; it provides opportunities for industry and academia to engage, and assist entrepreneurs, allow research to find possible business partners, and even some opportunities for venture capitalists to engage.   Essentially, all the programs will be following this model:

  • Day 1 – research topics with research keynotes and multiple sessions
  • Day 2 – Industry Forum with industry leaders, panels, and networking between industry and research communities.
  • Day 3 – a mix of research, industry, and workshops including training for innovators and entrepreneurs

In future issues I’ll address;

  • New efforts in publications
  • Technical Activities
  • The role of the Business Development Team organized by our President-Elect Andy Chen.

Thank you for your time and please engage with your TEMS’ colleagues.

Michael Condry

IEEE TEMS President 2018-19


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